UCBH Holdings, Inc said today it has recorded an additional loan loss about $40 million pre-tax, will allows the company’s fourth quarter net loss to $82.9 million increase and 2008 full year net loss increase of $76.4 million from $50.1 million as previously reported.

The company stated that the increase in allowance for loan loss has strengthened its total loan to 2.66 percent from 2.20 percent that has announced recently; ensure that its ongoing loan loss reserves continue to be identified timely and accurately in this very volatile economic condition.

The holding company of United Commercial Bank, a leading bank in the United States and China has 13.50 billion in assets as of December 31, 2008 and had nonperforming loans of $433.8 million.

UCBH Holdings shares drop 1.95% to $1.51 in the afternoon NASDAQ trading.