The UFC 141 fight between Brock Lesnar and Alistair Overeem was shocking on many levels. After Overeem destroyed Lesnar, the latter announced his retirement from mixed martial arts.

I'm going to officially say tonight is the last time you'll see me in the octagon. I want to thank everyone. Brock Lesnar is officially retired, said Lesnar after the fight, reported the Los Angeles Times.

UFC President Dana White, meanwhile, was shocked. He said he had no idea Lesnar was going to retire. At one point, he refused to comment on the retirement of UFC's most popular fighter, saying I'm really not feeling good, let someone else talk.

The retirement in itself is shocking. So too was the fight.

Lesnar lasted less than one round. Many experts predicted the fight would last several rounds.

He was completely dominated while many expected him to put up a fight or even win.

Many thought Lesnar would fall to a bunch in the face. Instead, he fell to vicious kicks and knees to the body. In fact, aside from the last few seconds of the fight, it was Lesnar who tried to hit his opponent in the face.

Overeem used mostly kicks and knees. That is surprising to some given the risk of Lesnar catching his leg and taking him down. Overeem also engaged Lesnar in a clinch during the fight.

Lesnar never managed to take down Overeem, as he has done to his opponents in all of his previous fights. When standing toe-to-toe with Overeem clearly was not working out, he did not try to charge at Overeem to take him down.

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