Separatists in the eastern Ukrainian city of Donetsk claim that nine out of 10 people who voted in Sunday's referendum want to be separate from Ukraine, the Associated Press reported.

According to Roman Lyagin, head of the Donetsk People's Republic (DNR) election commission, 89 percent voted for independence in Donetsk while  10 percent voted against it, with a 75 percent turnout.

The referendum has not been recognized by any international body as legitimate, and virtually no anti-fraud securities have been implemented for it. Reports from the ground say some voters cast two ballots, and one Ukrainian reporter was apparently able to vote four times in four separate voting stations.

A man was killed by Ukrainian national guardsmen when they shut down and occupied a voting station in Krasnoarmeisk. Video shows two men lying motionless after the shootings, while a man was performing CPR on one of the fallen.

The Ukrainian national guard has received criticism for its lack of training and discipline. A number of national guard members were called up in a draft on May 1 to bolster a depleted Ukrainian regular army, but received little training.

After the referendum results were gathered, Denis Pushilin, leader and chairman of the DNR, said all Ukrainian military in Donetsk would be considered an occupying foreign force.