Marat Mihaylich, a native of Ukraine, has topped the list of criminals wanted by the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI).

The 35-year-old Mihaylich, nicknamed as holiday bandit”, robbed 7 banks in New York in just two months, according to U.S. law enforcement agencies. 

He started attacking banks since December last year, just before the people in the U.S. and Canada celebrated Catholic Christmas. The total money stolen by Mihaylich is about $50,000, the Daily Mail reported.

Two of his recent attacks took place in New York City Queens and Brooklyn on 13th and 16th of February.

Mihaylich even took hostage of two bank employees in his last attack, discontented with the amount of money he got.

Bandit on holidays' raises the stakes, it becomes more aggressive, he attacks happen more often. We want the citizens of New York were on the alert about this guy,” said Michael Rourke, FBI special agent.