There are 15 days till Christmas is here, and for those of us not depending on what Santa Claus brings down the chimney, a shopping frenzy has begun. With all the special loved ones in your life, it’s hard to know what to buy who, and where to shop. After the black Friday and Cyber Monday madness one may be retailed out entirely, or you might have been smart and got a head start on that long list of gifts.

IBTimesTV reporter Rebecka Schumann has some easy and original gift ideas for the matriarchs of your family, your grandma and grandpa. Rebecka herself, decided to get a little sentimental for her grandma and without leaving her home was able to order on-line a unique photo book.

Keeping the online shopping going Rebecka ordered for her grandpa a membership to  This will give her grandpa access to historical records, and give him a more solid understanding of his own history.

Other gift ideas include the classics like a nice box of chocolates, or a warm sweater. But if you’re looking for creativity this year, why not work on your personal project like a personalized photo album or scrap book with letters, photos and tokens of family memoires and trips.

The moral of the story when buying gifts this Christmas is to be creative and to personalize the gift; Mothers, fathers and grandparents are notorious for loving the thought behind the gift. It’s also important to note that sales will be going on right up until Christmas so be it online or in store, keep your eyes peeled!