Attention shoppers, there are only 16 shopping days left until Christmas. For those struggling to come up with gift ideas to purchase their loved ones, specifically their grandparents, look no further. Here are 10 original ideas to gift your grandpa or grandpa this holiday season:



Help your grandparents discover hidden mysteries about their past by gifting them access to this Christmas. Depending on the type of membership purchased, users will have access to U.S. historical records (included census and military) and over 1 billion historical records from other countries such as the United Kingdom, Canada and Australia. Memberships can be purchased for six-month or 12-month duration periods and range in price from $99 to $299.



For grandparents that prefer to enjoy the comforts of home as opposed to the outside world, give them Brookstone’s Nap Massaging Best Rest this holiday. The support system not only offers a comfortable place for grandma or grandpa to lounge, it also provides a built-in vibrating massager to increase muscle relaxation. A cup holder and extra pocket for storage are also included in the price of $99.99 from



For grandparents who suffer from a consistent sweet tooth, gift them the sweet treat of a 40-oz. box of chocolates from Whitman’s this holiday season. Whitman’s Sample Assorted Chocolates collection includes a taste of longtime customer favorites such as Cashew Clusters, Cherry Cordials and Maple Fudge. The box, perfect for any chocolate lover, is currently for sale on for $29.99.



For a grandparent who enjoys the thrill of working on his/or her automobile, gift them a personalized sign for their garage or shed their Christmas. The retro aluminum sign, which can be customized with any message (12 characters on line 1 and up to 9 characters on line 2) is currently for sale at for $74.99.



For grandparents who own a smartphone, consider gifting them a cell phone handset extension this Christmas. This handy tool, currently retailing for $16.95 from, gives grandma or grandpa the ability to comfortably use their smartphone  The retro handset, which connects to smartphones' headphone jack, offers users noise-reducing technology to offer a crisp, clear sounds.



For a grandparent who enjoys a little bit of adventure, send them off on their latest journey with a sound mind by giving them their own personal LED umbrella. The product, modeled after the film “Blade Runner,” offers extra lighting and protection with its LED light-up shaft and push button start. The umbrella is currently for sale on for $14.99.



Give your grandparents the gift of memories this holiday by creating a unique photo book just for them. offers hard and soft cover options with sizes range from 7x7 to 12x12. Photo books, starting at 20 pages in length, range in price from $12.99 up to $79.49.



For grandparents whose pets are as much the apple of their eye as their own grandchildren, give them a gift that can’t be found in any store. Various artists on are currently offering customers the chance to get a hand-drawn/painted custom portrait of their beloved, four-legged family members. Prices range from $19.99 to $3,989.



For grandparents who still hit the 9 to 5 pavement, give them a gift that will make their work day a more comfortable experience. The Biosense Memory Foam Orthropedic Seat from Brookstone not only has a slick, black design, but also supports the pelvis and thigh sections to make working a desk job more comfortable. The othropetic cushion is for sale at for $49.99.


Give your food-loving grandparents the gift of a unique meal by presenting them with the soup and cracker ceramic mug set this Christmas. The two-piece set is perfect for any foodie and can also be used for chips and dip, cookies and milk and of course, soup and crackers. The mugs are ceramic, 8.5-oz. in size and both microwave and dishwasher safe. The mug set is currently available for purchase on for $14.99.