Mars Foodservices, the parent company of Uncle Ben’s, is voluntarily recalling 5- and 25-pound bags of the brand’s infused rice products sold through wholesale distributors, amid reports of people experiencing mild flushing and rashes after eating the Mexican flavor of Uncle Ben’s Infused Rice.

“Out of an abundance of caution, we are removing all Foodservices Infused Rice products from the market,” the company announced Sunday on the Uncle Ben’s website. Mars noted that Uncle Ben’s ready-to-heat, boxed, bagged or cupped rice available in supermarkets and retail outlets are not affected by the recall.

“The products involved in this recall are sold through wholesale distribution channels,” Mars Foodservices said.

“Mars Foodservices U.S. is conducting this voluntary recall as a result of people experiencing temporary symptoms of mild flushing and rash after eating our Foodservices INFUSED® Rice Mexican Flavor product,” the company said. 

Not sure if your Uncle Ben’s product is recalled? Below is a list of products and UPC codes affected by the recall. If your product or UPC code is not listed, your Uncle Ben’s rice is safe to eat.

UNCLE BEN'S® INFUSED® Rice Roasted Chicken Flavor (25 lbs)    UPC: 3010501

UNCLE BEN'S® INFUSED® Rice Roasted Chicken Flavor (5 lbs)       UPC: U0257000

UNCLE BEN'S® INFUSED® Rice Garlic & Butter Flavor (5 lbs)          UPC: U0257100

UNCLE BEN'S® INFUSED® Rice Mexican Flavor (25 lbs)                  UPC: U0318000

UNCLE BEN'S® INFUSED® Rice Mexican Flavor (5 lbs)                    UPC: U0257300

UNCLE BEN'S® INFUSED® Rice Pilaf (5lbs)                                         UPC: U0262000

UNCLE BEN'S® INFUSED® Rice Saffron Flavor (5lbs)                         UPC: U0263002

UNCLE BEN'S® INFUSED® Rice Cheese Flavor (5 lbs)                        UPC: U0262900

UNCLE BEN'S® INFUSED® Rice Spanish Flavor (25-lbs)                      UPC: U3012100

For more information about the recall, contact the Mars Foodservices consumer care line at 800-548-6253.