Talk about an explosive episode! “Under the Dome” left viewers feeling emotionally burnt-out after the airing of “Reconciliation.” And we’ve got the entire recap of tonight’s fiery-episode below!

Episode 5 kicked off on an exciting note with Barbie explaining to Julia just who “Melanie,” the mysterious girl Julia found in the lake, is. Barbie revealed Melanie is actually from the past – 1988 to be specific – who was killed by one of her three friends after they came across a meteor. According to Barbie, the killers suspected to have murdered Melanie are Lyle, Pauline or Sam. Sam was actually dating Melanie the night she was killed.

But Julia refuses to acknowledge the realty weaved throughout Barbie’s tale. Instead she calls him out for being sketchy considering he went along with Rebecca and Big Jim’s plan of setting a killer-virus free in Chester’s Mill. Barbie reveals he had no intention of releasing a virus. All he was doing was trying to keep his enemies closer.

“If you think I’m the bad guy fine. But be prepared to think far worse of Sam Verdreaux,” Barbie said. Little does Julia know Sam is the one who killed Angie. Or at least, that’s what the scratches down his chest suggest.

Before Barbie finds Junior to question him regarding Melanie it’s Junior who tracks down his uncle. Sam finds his nephew snooping through his house searching for something to prove Lyle is the one responsible for Angie’s death.

“I never should have trusted Lyle,” Junior told his uncle, spilling that he freed Lyle from jail and barely survived his attack.

And Junior isn’t the only Chester’s Mill resident high with anxiety. Tensions are running high over Big Jim and Rebecca’s trial. While some believe Big Jim is guilty as charged others think Julia is trying to frame the beloved officer for a crime he didn’t commit.

As Julia prepares for the big day, she asks Joe, Norrie and Melanie to sit still. But Melanie has an itch to find out who she really is. And no one – not even Julia – can stop her from scratching it.

“I just found out a died. I can’t sit around and do nothing,” Melanie says. That’s when Norrie cooks up an idea. The three dash off into the woods.

During the town trial, Julia reveals to the town that supplies are running low. Everyone starts freaking out as anticipated but Julia tries to calm their nerves explaining that if everyone pulls together their sources they can survive.

Not all the residents agree with Julia’s logic or her decision to put Big Jim on trial. When the handcuffed duo gets dragged before the jury a fight begins to break out. It starts with a push and ends with Phil shooting Wendell and killing him.

“I did what I had to do to keep this town safe,” Phil said, sounding more and more like Big Jim with every mistake.

Julia rebuttals saying that maybe Phil’s badge is just too big for him. That’s when Phil asks if Julia’s going to make him resign. Barbie steps in and claims that she won’t be he will. That’s when Phil turns in his badge before running straight to Big Jim-daddy.

While Barbie is busy debadgeing the town’s sheriff, Joe, Norrie and Melanie have walked to the edge of the dome to jolt Melanie’s memory. But when she touches the dome nothing happenings. Not a shock or a vision.

Sam, however, is getting his fill of knowledge when his nephew unexpectedly reveals who the “Four Hands” of the dome is (Junior, Norrie and Joe). Junior has come to the conclusion that whoever killed Angie must have done so to bring down the dome. But maybe the killer is looking to take out all the hands in hopes of freeing Chester’s Mill from its fishbowl once and for all.

While Sam is going behind his nephews back, Big Jim is attempting to manipulate Phil from behind the bars. He tells the recently fired sheriff that he needs to find a way to win over the town’s “hearts and minds” before he’s allowed to walk out of prison a free man.

That’s when Phil is given the bright idea of burning down Julia’s food drive. He eventually gets the town to gang up on the nearly burned leader by ripping on her terrible planning skills.

“Phil’s right. It’s all my fault. I didn’t check the generators. I should have,” Julia said of the explosion that nearly burned all the town’s food. That’s when Barbie told Julia he doesn’t think the fire was her fault. He has an inclination who might have been behind the mess – and his name is Big Jim.

But when Barbie visits Big Jim in prison, Big Jim tries to pin the disaster on Phil. Barbie isn’t buying  it – and his suspicions of the power-crazed resident grow even stronger when his partner-in-crime, Rebecca, doesn’t even back up his story.

But that’s not the only complicated relationship withering away under the dome, Joe and Norrie faced their own issues when Norrie caught Joe locking lips with Melanie.

under the dome season 2 spoilers Who killed Melanie? "Under the Dome" gets one step closer to solving that mystery in episode 5. Photo: Screen Grab/CBS2014

The girls fight and after a few nasty disses Joe eventually finds a way to break up the fight – by taking blood samples from Melanie and himself to see what she really is. But just because Norrie has bigger problems to deal with (like a dome covering her town) doesn’t mean she’s forgotten what Joe has done.

Speaking of betrayal, Sam gets Junior drunk after their hunt for the dome’s other hands in an attempt to murder him. When Junior finally passes out Sam stood over his nephew with a pillow contemplating smothering his blood and flesh to death. But Junior, thankfully, wakes up in the nick of time.

“Thanks for looking out for me. You’re the only family I have left. Love you, Uncle Sam.”

As you can imagine that made it pretty hard for Sam to kill Junior.

But unlike Sam, Phil doesn’t hesitate when it comes to killing another resident of Chester’s Mill – one who finds out his devious plan. Before slitting her throat Barbie steps in – you know, after managing to take down nearly three grown men by himself. He then shoots Phil in the shoulder freeing the townsperson.

By the end of episode 5 all seemed calm and bright. Julia managed to feed the entire town of Chester’s Mill thanks to Andrea secret stash of food and Big Jim had made a declaration of his support for Julia as the town’s leader (but of course his heart-warming speech was all for publicity).

“You all should know I think she’s done hell of a job running Chester’s Mill,” Big Jim said, sounding like a politician. Man, that guy is savvy.

The episode then ends with Melanie reaching out to Rebecca in help of finding out who she really is through blood samples. As Rebecca researches the night away she hears a banging outside. It’s Junior and Sam trying to pry the locker where Angie was killed. When they finally do get the door of 1821 to swing open they are shocked to see a tunnel!

“It’s big enough for a man to fit through,” Junior says, contemplating if Lyle might have escaped through there.

“Yeah, but to where?” Sam questioned where the tunnel went.

What did you think of episode 5? Do you have an idea of where the tunnel might lead to? Sound off in the comments section below what you thought of tonight’s episode of “Under the Dome.”