Under the Dome season 2 spoilers
The cast and crew tease Season 2 spoilers for "Under the Dome" during their 2014 SDCC panel. Brownie Harris/CBS2014

The cast and showrunner of “Under the Dome” attended the 2014 SDCC on Thursday, July 24, to give fans a sneak peek into the drama that Season 2 has in store for viewers. Ready to find out what we learned during their Comic-Con panel discussion?

1. Rebecca Isn’t The Only One Wanting To “Thin The Herd”: Showrunner, Neal Baer, revealed fans could expect several big deaths before the Season 2 finale.

“No one is safe under the dome,” he teased, adding that the crew has some big – not to mention bloody – plans for the final episode of Season 2. “We have kept the body count down a bit at the beginning of the season so we can rev it up at the end.”

2. But Just Because You’re Dead Doesn’t Mean You’re Gone: In the past we’ve seen Big Jim (played by Norris) get haunted by some sassy ghosts. Does that mean fans can expect to see some of their other favorite characters who have been killed off – specifically Angie?

“When you’re dead, you’re dead but that doesn’t mean you can’t be an avatar at some point and come back. There are no set rules. We said goodbye to Angie and to Linda but there are certainly possibilities that one of them might be back,” he hinted. Which actress do you think will be reprising their role in “Under the Dome”?

3. Who Killed Angie?: Speaking of Angie possible reprising her role, will fans ever get to find out what she saw in the locker before meeting her brutal fate? Baer says “absolutely.”

“We will definitely find out what’s in that locker – this year,” he said, adding that the creators of “Under the Dome” like to answer the burning questions of the show.

We’ll also get to find out who the killer is, according to Alexander Koch (who plays Junior).

“Revenge might be taken,” he teased, adding that viewers might already know who the killer is considering Sam was seen with an usual wound in episode 3 consisting of scratch marks. But are they Angie’s scratch marks?

“I’m not throwing around an axe for fun,” Eddie Cahill (who plays Sam) said. Apparently there are reasons for his “psychopathic” ways.

4. The Future of “Under the Dome”: Baer revealed he’s planning on the hit CBS series running somewhere between three to five seasons.

“We have great adventures ahead,” he revealed, adding that the Season 2 finale of “Under the Dome” has officially been shot. “We don’t even know what those are yet but we set it up so we can keep going, with folks like you, so we’re hoping to do that. Because we have a lot of stories left to tell. And we can tell them in some cool ways.”

5. Someone Gets Out Of The Dome: Baer reveled that one lucky Chester’s Mill resident would get the chance to leave the dome. Can you guess who? HINT: Turns out they’re actually a trust fund baby.

BONUS: SDCC “Under the Dome” panel attendees also got to find out who each of the cast members would take if they had to but stuck under a dome with one person:

Colin Ford (Joe McAlister) – “I would take my best friend Garret. Garret, if you see this I love you.”

Cahill (Sam Verdreaux) – “I would tie my kid to my wife and try to take them both."

Alexander Koch (Junior Rennie) – “I would say… yeah, Dean. Why not? He has my back.”

As you can imagine the crowd busted out with laughter.

“It’s going to go really well for you,” Rachelle Lefevre responded.

Dean Norris (James ‘Big Jim’ Rennie) – “I’d take Britney Spears.”

Rachelle Lefevre (Julia Shumway) – “I was going to say my dog but if he’s bringing Britney Spears I’m taking Clive Owen.”

Mike Vogel (Dale ‘Barbie’ Barbara) – “I think Chuck Norris would be a pretty good… Isn’t that the answer for everything?”

Neal Baer (showrunner) – “I’d take CBS with me.”

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