Things are finally starting to heat up on Season 2 of “Under the Dome.” Angie’s killer has officially been revealed to Junior, Barbie, Sam and Lyle have all managed to escape the Dome, and an apocalypse is reportedly a-brewin’ in the “real” world. But if you think there’s no way Stephen King could possibly out-drama himself on the hit CBS series, just wait until the airing of episode 8, “Awakening.”

According to the synopsis for the episode, Barbie will receive a rude “awakening” himself when he learns that his father just might not be as loving as Don had originally let on.

In episode 7 Barbie begged his father, with whom he has a tumultuous relationship, to help him get back to the dome. At first, Don seemed reluctant -- and for a completely valid reason. The dome is surrounded day and night by armed guards. Not even the “Under the Dome” version of Daddy Warbucks can pull strings like that! But after a little more convincing -- and a quick mention of Julia -- Don eventually relented. Or so we thought.

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In episode 8, it looks like Barbie will be asking someone else for help to get him back to Julia.

Under The Dome season 2 spoilers Will Barbie get back to the dome in episode 8 of Season 2? Get the scoop on the upcoming episode of "Under The Dome." Photo: CBS/Under The Dome

“The place where the National Guard shoots trespassers on sight?” the show’s newest character, Hunter (played by Max Ehrich) asks Barbie in the promo video for “Awakening.”

But Barbie drama isn’t the only thing viewers can expect in Monday night’s episode of “Under the Dome.” The summary revealed that with Barbie gone, Big Jim will appoint himself sheriff of Chester’s Mill. But not all the townsfolk are happy with Big Jim’s newly appointed position.

During the trailer, fans can watch Big Jim get whacked over the head with a blunt object while he’s on the walkie-talkie with Junior.

“Dad, answer me,” Junior says with a frustrated tone as his father lies bleeding on the floor.

Who do you think attacked Big Jim? Will Barbie ever get back to the dome to save Julia and the rest of Chester’s Mill? Or is it the domeless world that’s in peril with the alleged apocalypse nearing? Sound off with your theories in the comments section below and don’t forget to tune into “Under the Dome” when episode 8 airs Monday at 10 p.m. EDT.