Under the Dome season 2 spoilers
What happen in episode 7 of "Under the Dome"? get the Season 2 scoop. Brownie Harris/CBS

“Under the Dome” blew us away tonight with the airing of episode 7, “Going Home.” Not only did the CBS summer series include a shocking fate for one of the show’s main characters but tonight’s episode also revealed just where the dome’s mysterious tunnel leads to.

Episode 7 opened with a scene of Julia and Barbie breaking the news to Junior about the death of his uncle. But they gave Big Jim’s son little time to mourn considering they quickly revealed that Sam was the one responsible for Angie’s death. Junior, however, was in disbelief that his uncle committed the crime. That’s when Barbie decided the only way to prove to Junior that Sam was the one who murdered his girlfriend would be by retrieving Sam’s body – that was accessorized with scratch marks from Angie.

But the only way to get Sam’s body is if Barbie went down into the mysterious cave to get it. That’s when Barbie starts to descend into the dome’s tunnel, with a little help from Julia and Rebecca. But just as Barbie gets 20-feet down into the never-ending cave, his rope begins to get tampered with.

Julia and Rebecca try to pull Barbie back up to safety but they too are being dragged to their death. That’s when Barbie makes the decision to cut him self loose, resulting in him plummeting to the cave’s bottom. As Barbie falls to his death, Julia lets out an award-winning screech.

“Barbie can you hear me? Barbie say something? Barbie say something, damn you!” she screamed into the cave, hoping Barbie would answer her.

As Julia lost her voice screaming into the tunnel, Junior spent his day losing his mind over whether or not his uncle was really the one responsible for killing Angie. As he contemplates this to Melanie, Big Jim over hears Junior’s revelation.

“Your uncle was always off. It’s why we didn’t get along. The truth is he was never was as strong as you and I and this town needs strength,” Big Jim told his son, adding that the two of them are special. “The dome chose me and you are my son.”

“Why do you always have to make everything about you?” Junior asks his self-centered father.

Meanwhile, Joe realizes that something about the dome’s tunnel “isn’t adding up.”

“There was never a tunnel down there. Now there is. My point is: Where did it come from? Why is it here?” he wonders. And he’s not the only one.

Back at the school, Julia is holding on to a glimmer of hope that Barbie is still alive. But Rebecca is there to boldly remind her “there’s no way he could survive a fall like that.”

“No one can know,” Julia says to Rebecca about Barbie’s death. “Until I can tell them. I need to figure it out first.” Rebecca figures out that Julia is concerned with what Big Jim will do once he learns of Barbie’s death.

But unlucky for Julia, Barbie is at the school looking for the man who just fell to his gruesome death. After asking few questions Big Jim put the pieces of the puzzle together that something is off with their story. Like Julia would ever leave Barbie in a dangerous cage to fetch a corpse alone.

But Barbie isn’t dead! He wakes up in the middle of a park surrounded by the laughter of children. And he’s not the only one who survived the fall. As it turns out, Sam is also alive, well and walking toward the Davidson Psychiatric Ward. Apparently he’s looking for Pauline, his sister.

“You’re sister is in the locked ward,” a hospital worker informs Sam.

Pauline is in Art Therapy room when Sam spots her. But it doesn’t look like she’s a patient. She’s teaching others how to paint – that is, until her brother walked in. They embrace each other with a hug.

“How did you get out?” she questioned him. Sam reveals he doesn’t even know.

Back at the dome, Joe reveals to Julia that he isn’t convinced Barbie is dead. “The dome went crazy when Big Jim tried to hang Barbie.” He thinks the Dome created the tunnel as a plan. “We’ll find out if we go over that cliff ourselves.”

But Joe isn’t suggesting they all leap to their deaths. He wants to send a robot down the cliff to see what’s waiting for them at the bottom.

“Under the Dome” cuts to a scene of Big Jim threatening Rebecca.

“You never should have crossed me,” he said, cornering Rebecca asking for the truth of what happened to Barbie.

“Barbie’s dead,” she said with tears rolling down her cheeks.

Little do they know Barbie is alive – well, barely. Once he returned home three armed men greeted Barbie.

“Welcome home, Barbie,” one of them said, pointing a gun at him.

Apparently Barbie was part of some scheme but “disappeared” for three weeks, leaving him unable to complete to task. But now that he’s back, they want him to complete his job.

Back in the ward, Sam lied to his sister saying he “fell” off the cliff instead of revealing he jumped to his death. He then questions his sister why she didn’t tell him she was going to fake her death.

She said she didn’t trust herself. She wanted to fake her death, leave Chester’s Mill and have the dome follow her.

“I did all of this to save the town. Now James is stuck in there. I guess anything is impossible if you and Lyle could get out,” she reveals. Sam was shocked to hear Lyle is out of the dome.

Pauline brings Sam to see Lyle, who can’t stop saying Melanie’s name.

“Something must have happened to him when he went off that cliff,” Sam said. He too is suffering from the fall with shaky hands.

Pauline begins to question whether or not Lyle is referring to “their” Melanie from way back when.

“There’s something you need to know. Melanie’s alive. She’s back from the dead,” Sam nonchalantly said.

Joe tries to send a robot over the cliff’s edge but the object is unable to deliver a picture after a certain point. But before the robot went completely black it showed Joe and the gang a quick shot of a playground. They realize maybe the tunnel may be the way out of the dome. This also proves Barbie might still be alive.

Barbie eventually runs into his father – after two and a half years of not seeing one another. They share a drink together and Barbie revealed to his wealthy dad that he needs a favor.

Barbie wants to get to the Dome but his father is reluctant.

“Dad, I have never asked you for anything but I’m asking you now. Please, help me get to the Dome,” Barbie pleads.

Barbie’s father finally agrees. “I know what it feels like to be separated from the woman you love.”

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