“Under the Dome” delivered a wild Season 2 premiere when the hit CBS series returned for a second installment of the Stephen King thriller. From the brutal deaths of two main characters to Big Jim’s encounter with some not-so-friendly ghosts, episode 1 had us on our toes with anticipation as it inched its way toward a cliffhanger of an ending.

So, with that said – who didn’t make it past the first episode of the sophomore season? The creators of the drama have hinted time and time again that fans would be surprised with who would be killed off in the very first minutes of episode 1.

And for those of you who guessed Officer Linda Esquivel (played by Natalie Martinez) -- you were right. The deputy was killed off early on in episode 1 after attempting to save Barbie's life.

During Barbie’s hanging, the dome began to illuminate with an eerie, bright light, which was accompanied by an echoing sound so painful that some Chester’s Mill townsfolk fainted instantly. Instead of sealing Barbie’s fate with the pulling of a lever, Junior believed the blonde beauty would be more of service to the town alive than dead, and so did Linda when she pulled her gun on Big Jim.

After Barbie narrowly avoided being hanged in the gallows, he, Linda, Big Jim and Junior traveled to the edges of the seemingly magnetic dome to see what exactly was going on. That’s when the force started pulling Barbie toward the edges by his handcuffs. Linda chased after him, struggling to get her keys into the cuffs, and eventually she succeeded. But Linda was unable to get herself out of the way before a car came slamming into her, crushing her against the wall of the dome and killing her instantly.

But Linda wasn’t the only one to meet a cruel fate during the Season 2 premiere. Angie found herself getting hacked to pieces by the end of episode 1. Joe’s sister was throwing out the trash when she caught a glimpse of the mysterious girl Sam was looking for earlier on.

Sam was essentially babysitting the girl that Julia found drowning in the lake. But his nanny skills are pretty shot, considering she slipped through the cracks moments after Julia left his cabin. Angie followed the dark-haired woman into the school, where she spotted her peeking into a locker. The mystery girl got spooked by Angie’s presence and ran off, leaving Angie alone in the hallway. That’s when Angie decided to get a glimpse at what the unidentified female was looking at. Just at that moment, viewers saw an axe come hurling toward Angie. Episode 1 ended with a bloodstained handprint sliding down the wall.

The creators warned us that we’d be witnessing more deaths than we’d like with the premiere of Season 2. Did you think it was going to be Linda and Angie who bit the bullet? In a preview for next week we watch Joe react to the death of his sister – and we’re not going to lie, it’s pretty scary.

What did you think of  two main characters getting killed off during Season 2 of "Under the Dome"? Were you impressed with the Season 2 premiere of the hit CBS series? Sound off in the comments section below.