jumptap.com:United States has More Android States

Mobile ad network Jumptap has put out a report with a map reflecting the geographical mobile makeup in the United States.


Jumptap put up the map entitling it as “United States of Android,” as the color-coded map is highly dominated by the yellow states representing areas dominated by Android admirers.

Southern and Western States like Florida, Texas, California, and Oregon over-index for Android, whereas, the Midwest and New England states are dominated by Apple devices. Blackberry had a few strong holds which included New York.

A comscore report in June shows that Android leads the smartphone market in the U.S. with 40 percent share and Apple had a 26.6 percent share.

The Jumptap report does not reflect the market share or shipment number, but instead shows the data of the 83 million users on the company’s network.

However, the click-through rates of Jumptaps show iOS still perform better for advertisers. Mobile ads on iPhones, iPads, and iPod Touches are clicked on 0.78 percent of the time compared to 0.47 percent for Android and 0.36 percent for Blackberry.