The University of Michigan, a U.S. public research university with more than 50,000 students, is investing millions of dollars in a sustainability campaign that will include constructing green buildings, installing solar panels, and introducing hybrid buses to campus.

Michigan will join a host of other U.S. universities that have launched various sustainability initiatives and programs, such as Yale University and the University of Florida.

The initiative was announced by university president Mary Sue Coleman.

I want the message to be clear: Sustainability defines the University of Michigan, Coleman said in a press release.

The university is purchasing 37 hybrid vehicles, and seven hybrid buses will be available in Dec., according to the statement.

The university will also begin to offer a minor in sustainability, which will be available to all undergraduates, regardless of their major.

Dining halls that are newly-constructed or renovated will not offer trays to carry food.

Using a tray often means taking more food-and some of that food goes directly into the garbage, the university statement said.

Various campus divisions collaborated to create the initiative, including the Graham Environmental Sustainability Institute.

The goal commitments are certainly important, but more impressive to me is the emerging culture shift on campus, director and special counsel to the president Donald Scavia said in a statement. I believe the high levels of focus, energy, and collaboration now in place throughout the university are the most significant steps in driving progress toward all of our sustainability goals -- in education, research, and operations.