So long, Adam! Season 2 of "UnREAL" has a new sexy and single man to cause drama on the set of "Everlasting." Lifetime's hit dramedy is introducing its first black bachelor this summer.

According to reports, B.J. Britt, who previously starred on “Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.,” will play the tall, dark and handsome lead named Darius Hill in the show’s anticipated sophomore season. Variety revealed that Darius, a professional football star, will make his way to the set of “Everlasting” hoping to “rehab his image” after a scandal. But little does the show’s newest suitor know that “Everlasting” thrives on drama, which means his reputation might not receive the makeover for which he so desperately hopes.

During the 2016 Television Critics Association press tour, Shapiro discussed the casting of the "Being Mary Jane" actor, noting that while it’s an exciting move for the show, it’s also a “terrifying” one.

“Breaking this story is so scary,” Shapiro told Entertainment Weekly prior to the panel. “I’m a Jewish white girl breaking a story about race, I mean we have people of color on our staff and they’ve definitely taken a very, very primary role in talking about a lot of these things, but it’s terrifying.”

But race won’t be the only topic Shapiro intends to tackle during the second season of her show. The executive producer noted that the upcoming installment also  will dive head first into gender equality.

“We’re finding what’s edgy in the world and telling the truth to the point where we’re uncomfortable. The men’s rights movement is uncomfortable for us,” Shapiro explained during the panel, noting that while Season 1 was “about the princess fantasy,” the show’s second season will focus on masculinity and how the “men’s rights movement intersects with feminism.”

"UnREAL" will continue to break boundaries when Season 2 of the Lifetime show returns this summer.