At a time when Motorola is gearing up to release the successor to the well-received Moto 360 smart watch, a new photo has cropped up showcasing the successor placed alongside the predecessor to show the exact difference in the exterior.

Motorola recently showed the upcoming smart watch in the form of a video via its official Twitter account and eventually, deleted the tweet. Now, a brand new photo has been uploaded in Facebook by the credible Chinese tipster Hello Moto HK, showing a relatively smaller Moto 360S, when compared to the original Moto 360.  

Phone Arena reported citing a source that there will be two variants of the Motorola Moto 360 successor. Apparently, two versions of the smart watch got certificated by Anatel, the Brazilian equivalent of the FCC. According to the official document, the gadgets have been reportedly named Moto 360S and Moto 360L. These devices will apparently be offered in different sizes and with different battery units.

As mentioned earlier, the Moto 360S is seemingly smaller than the predecessor. Phone Arena reported that the original version was a bit bulky on the hands of many users and therefore, the reduction in the size could be a welcome-move.

On the other hand, the Motorola Moto 360L has not been rumored as much as the smaller sibling, however, Phone Arena said that this device is likelyto house a solid 375 mAh battery unit.

The Moto 360S, on the other hand, will reportedly feature a 270 mAh unit, which is a 38 percent reduction in capacity from the jumbo version. Because of the battery size and name, the report said that the Moto 360L could be of the same size as the original Moto 360.

Moreover, the same leak also said that the Moto 360 successor could follow the “flat tire design.” Therefore, the rumor about Motorola opting for a “fully circular design” may not turn out to be true.