An Upper East Side couple is suing it's Park Avenue apartment's co-op board after the couple was forced to order $27,000 worth of takeout food while the building underwent gas maintenance for ten months. Beverly Taki, 66, and Louis Maione, 68, live in a $5 million apartment at 850 Park Avenue where they spend $5,700 for monthly maintenance. But after the B line to their apartment was shut off, the couple was unable to cook for close to a year, according to the NY Post

Now, Taki and Maione intend to sue the co-op board and management company Gumley Haft Realty in Manhattan Supreme Court, where they hope to be compensated for all the delivery, take-out and restaurant meals they ate while their six-burner double oven didn't work. They maintain that the all in all, the meals amount to $2,700 a month. 

They just seemed to disregard everybody. We cooked all the time. We had people over for dinner all the time, Maione complained to the Post. My wife is a fabulous cook. I'd come home and my wife would have a rib roast ready or any number of desserts she was testing.

In addition to daily meals, the couple was unable to prepare dinner parties and host their annual Christmas Eve dinner. And instead, they were subjected to take their guests to an expensive restaurant, where they spent $1,700.

The couple claims that it wasn't made clear why their gas had to be shut off to begin with and they had originally asked Gumley Haft to install electric ovens until the gas was restored. However, Gumley Haft CEO Dan Wollman allegedly denied their request, according to the lawsuit.