In a bizarre incident a man wearing blue lingerie, white transparently thin sweater with stockings and black platform shoes was allowed to board a US Airways flight.

San Francisco Chronicle posted the picture of the man in blue taken by Jill Tarlow who was a witness to the rare sighting on the June 9 flight from Fort Lauderdale, Fla., to Phoenix. Tarlow said that despite strong objection raised by other passengers, the eccentric dresser was allowed to board the flight.

US Airways told the daily that the man was not asked to cover himself because the airline does not have a specific dress policy.

However, US Airways' explanation stands in contravention to its earlier action in similar circumstances. The earlier event involved Deshon Marman, a football player from the University of New Mexico, who was not allowed to board a US Airways flight because his pants were hanging below his buttocks giving a glimpse of his boxer shorts.

Marman was summoned by an airline staff when he was boarding a flight from San Francisco. He was asked to dress appropriately which resulted in a verbal jostling ending in Marman being disallowed to enter the plane.

It is further reported that Marman was arrested and was booked on suspicion of trespassing, battery and resisting arrest. However, no charges have been pushed against him.

Marman's attorney told the Chronicle that US Airways action smacks of hypocrisy and has given a racial tinge to the episode, as Marman who is African American was asked to pull his pants up but the one wearing blue lingerie who is white was allowed to board the flight.