A new report finding many redundancies in the federal government's programs - which could save billions of dollars if cut -  is being released as lawmakers consider what to cut from the current fiscal year and the next.

The report from the government watchdog, known as the Government Accountability Office is being released on Tuesday.

President Barack Obama has proposed a $3.771 trillion budget for fiscal 2012. That is down $72 billion from the 2011 budget proposal. With seven full months left in fiscal 2011, the Republican leadership in the House has requested $62 billion in cuts for the remainder of the current year, a move which the Democratic leadership in the U.S. Senate has rejected.

President Obama's Department heads are testifying today and tomorrow in Washington about their agencies' budget plans on Tuesday and Wednesday.

Some initial findings were posted on the Wall Street Journal ahead of the report's release.

The findings include:

15 agencies for food-safety laws

20 programs for helping the homeless

80 programs for economic development

82 programs for improving teacher quality

80 programs for helping disadvantaged people with transportation

47 programs for job training and employment

56 programs for helping people understand finances

18 programs for food and nutrition assistance

5 divisions within the Transportation Department for 100 programs to develop U.S. infrastructure