It looks like “This is Us” is going to take a break from tearing viewers hearts out to fill them with sweetness. During Season 1, episode 5 — titled “The Game Plan” — it was revealed that both Jack and William are dead in present day on the NBC show.

While viewers will have to tune in to future episodes of “This is Us” with that looming over their heads, they can have some solace in knowing neither Jack (Milo Ventimiglia) nor William’s (Ron Cephas Jones) screen time is over just yet. Photos for “Career Days,” the sixth episode in the first season, feature both Kevin (Justin Hartley) and Kate’s (Chrissy Metz) biological father and Randall’s (Sterling K. Brown).

Based on the synopsis, viewers know that much of the episode will center around big career decisions in both the past and present. Kate will start a tough new job, while Randall questions his career path and Kevin’s leads him to love — maybe.

Episode photos seem to suggest that in flashbacks, Jack will visit his children’s school for career day. Previews for the episode have already revealed to fans that during that visit he’ll get some conflicting news about his adopted son, Randall. While the child is categorized as gifted, he’s intentionally flubbing tests and assignments to avoid standing out any more than he already does. This moment will likely tie in somehow to his present day struggle to decide if the successful career he’s chosen was actually the direction he wanted his life to go in.

Check out photos from the episode for more insight into what will happen during Season 1, episode 6 of “This is Us.” Be sure to catch the episode Tuesday, Nov. 1, at 9 p.m. EDT on NBC.