Russia has expressed grave concern about the United States using space for the deployment of weapons. The Russian foreign ministry referred to the JP 3-14 Space Operations document, which allows "preventive diplomatic, informational, military and economic measures."

Moscow has been worried about the U.S. persistently refusing to take part in international negotiations to prevent the deployment of weapons through space. The foreign ministry was talking about the U.S. State Department’s annual Report on Adherence to and Compliance With Arms Control Nonproliferation, and Disarmament Agreements and Commitments.

"Washington continues to be guided in this issue on its national conceptual considerations,” the Russian news agency Tass quoted the ministry as saying. “The latter, in particular, provide for the possibility of applying preventive force measures even in case of suspected hostile actions by other states, which in itself is contrary to international law." It added that the United States had been supporting outer space military activities since 2012.

Russia and the United States have been conducting a number of military and civilian space programs in recent decades. Author Daniel Estulin said in March that Britain and the United States had started threatening China and Russia. The author of "The True Story of the Bilderberg Group" told Iran's Press TV that the Chinese and the Russia governments were being pressurized to “submit to the crumbling trans-Atlantic financial empire.” [The Bilderberg Group refers to the participants in an annual meeting of business and political leaders from Europe and North America that takes its name from the Netherlands hotel where the first such gathering took place in 1954.]

Meanwhile, a U.S. Air Force reconnaissance aircraft and a Russian fighter jet came within 10 feet of a collision over the Black Sea. The confirmation comes from a number of U.S. officials who told CNN that the incident took place May 30.

According to the officials, the Russian jet was flying with the U.S. aircraft at the same altitude. It shadowed the U.S. plane for a while before leaving the international airspace. U.S. military officials are not aware of any diplomatic protest filed against the incident. The U.S. flight did not take any evasive measures during the encounter.

The U.S. Navy earlier released a video showing a Russian SU-24 aircraft flying past the U.S.S. Ross, the guided missile destroyer, in the Black Sea. Another similar incident took place over European skies. A Russian SU-27 Flanker intercepted a U.S. RC-135U that was following its routine route.