USA Today has updated its Windows app for full Windows 10 universal app support. Now, customers can download the app for any PC or mobile device running Windows 10, and the app will automatically resize depending on the device currently in use.

The app boasts full-screen news reading, complete with large images and a design that follows a style similar to USA Today's website. According to WinPhans, the app was previously announced back at the Microsoft Build conference earlier this year, alongside Tencent, Viber, Evernote and Twitter. 

Universal apps, which require Windows 10 and are designed to run on any device running the software, are now slowly making their way onto the Windows store. Last week, Twitter announced on its own service the release of its universal app, only to suffer some embarrassment by using a copy of Windows 10 that hadn't been activated.



A notable omission from the list of universal apps set to arrive is Skype. The Microsoft-owned Internet calling service is instead going to be baked into the core Windows 10 operating system. An upcoming software update will provide a messages app, similar to the OS X Messages app, that supports Skype without the need of a separate app. A beta version will be made available to Windows Insider Preview customers beforehand.