Usain Bolt, the reigning world record-holder in the 100 and 200 meter sprints and two-time Olympic gold medalist. ended his six- month relationship with Slovakian fashion designer Lubica Slovak in order to focus on the upcoming London Olympics.

Bolt and Slovak had been together for six months prior to Bolt's decision to end the relationship. They started dating after Slovak moved to Jamaica after vacationing on the island.

The breakup may actually be good news for Bolt in his home country. He has been critized by local media in Jamaica for dating a white woman.

A local paper on the island ran a cartoon of Bolt running past a black woman with the word local on her shirt, and into the arms of a white woman with the words Slovakian fashion designer on it.

Another newspaper on the island has run several letters to the editor criticizing Bolt's decision to date a white woman.