Usher Raymond wants to settle with his ex-wife, Tameka Foster, after her son's devastating jet ski accident, but the former Mrs. Raymond might not be interested in a quick settlement, TMZ reports.

According to the gossip site, Usher doesn't want to fight anymore and is ready to end the lengthy child custody-support war after his 11-year-old stepson, Kyle Glover, was injured in a jet ski accident on July 6 that rendered him brain dead.

Usher spoke to Foster and wanted to come to an agreement, sources close to the couple told TMZ. They said Usher offered her 50/50 custody and a little increase in child support for their own two sons from what he had been previously paying her, but his ex-wife was not interested.

In an attempt to reach an accord, Usher met with lawyers to draft a new proposal that gave a majority of the custody to Foster and TMZ was told that he also raised his child support offer significantly.

The award-winning singer knows his ex is going through a difficult time and doesn't want to keep fighting after what happened to his stepson, TMZ was told. They have two sons together.  

The new offer hasn't been given to the former Mrs. Raymond, but insiders told TMZ she is willing to agree to a reasonable settlement.

Though Kyle isn't Usher's biological son, the two were close and the R&B singer is really upset about his stepson's accident.

He grew close to Kyle and, of course, that has nothing to do with the situation with Tameka, an insider explained to Us Magazine. He loved Kyle. This is a terrible, awful tragedy. Usher is torn up.

Another insider told Us Weekly, Usher practically raised Kyle as his own. He's known him for seven years. It is so sad what happened.

Foster wrote on her Facebook page, Kyle, You are strong ... You'll be saved, I know it. I love you my baby. I need all #Prayers for my son! thanks you everybody!

Tameka Foster and Usher Raymond were married in 2007 but by 2009 they were estranged, according to MTV.

Tameka and Usher don't get along, but in this circumstance Usher is coming to her side, a source said to Us.