Michael David Stoltenberg, 27, a Utah father, is facing drunk driving and child endangerment charges after he allegedly rear-ended another car, fled the scene and left his children behind.

Stoltenberg was reportedly driving his Toyota Corolla near Trolly Square in Salt Lake City around 8:30 p.m. on Tuesday when, according to police, he ran his vehicle into the rear of another vehicle, and then ran off.

The children, ages 9 and 2, were left in the car after they sustained minor injuries in the crash. The driver of the other vehicle, who was uninjured, called the cops who soon contacted the children’s father, ABC News reports.

“Police on the scene investigating were able to determine who the driver was, either through the 9-year-old or from the documents in the car,” Detective Dennis McGowan told ABCNews.com.

According to the detective, as cited by ABC News, it was about 30-45 minutes between the accident and when Stoltenberg returned to the scene, after being contacted by Salt Lake City police.

“He was initially reluctant to return, but then he did,” McGowan said.

After Stoltenberg returned to his vehicle police administered a breathalyzer test. Reports indicated that his blood alcohol content was at .302, nearly four times the legal limit to drive.

The children were taken to the hospital and checked out, and were released into the custody of an aunt and grandmother, the officer told reporters. He said his department is still looking into the whereabouts of the kids’ mother.

“In an incident like this, our department of children and family services typically gets involved,” he said.

After being taken into custody, Stoltenberg was charged with DUI (1st or 2nd) causing bodily injury, improper lookout, driving on a denied license and hit and run, according to the Salt Lake County Metro jail.