Virginia Tech students took to Twitter in response to a lockdown announced Thursday, warning that a gunman had been spotted on campus.

The gunman was reportedly holding a handgun covered "by a cloth or covering" and was described by three children witnesses as a white male "6 feet tall, with light brown hair outside of New Residence Hall East."

VA Tech Students were advised to stay inside and lock their doors while police responded, searching the area for the gunman. The university made a statement ordering everyone on campus to "stay indoors until further notice" and classes were cancelled for the day.

None of the several thousand students on campus for summer classes was reported hurt.

Thursday's nearly six-hour lockdown has reminded students of the fateful day in 2007 when a Korean-American student shot 57 students and faculty, 32 of whom died, before committing suicide.

With Twitter erupted by the trending topic #VirginiaTech, students also tweeted their thoughts, which ranged from saying they were safe in class, providing first-hand accounts on the day's events, defending their school's reputation and showing pride for Virginia Tech.

Here is a list of tweets from VA Tech students on the day of the lockdown:

@alexobenauer: Dear Mom, I know you get a text every time I tweet. Sorry about today! Thanks again for getting me in to #virginiatech #BestPlaceOnEarth

@lshokie: Dear twitterers: Prayers are always welcome, but we're all fine. Stop associating #virginiatech with violence, because there ISN'T ANY.

@LoganVanAschVT: well i guess its safe to say my classes are cancelled today #virginiatech #hokies

@amandalm131: Blessed to have so many friends and family check in on me and make sure I'm safe Hopefully this situation will be settled soon #virginiatech

@lmsedlak: The next time I want to see #virginiatech as a trend, it better be cuz we won the national championship in football. Make it so Frank! #fb

@JoeCuadrado: Normal day of work indoors here at VT. People aren't panicking or anything. Business as usual minus going outside. #virginiatech #lockdown

@LibbiWalsh: Lord, please stop this media fodder. #VirginiaTech does NOT need this

@rkistlerVT: I've been at #virginiatech since this morning-- I'm safe!

@joshualhiggins: Football team will practice depending on whether or not the alert is lifted, according to 107.1 PSK radio. #VirginiaTech

@smuelll: Crazy how fast word travels. I'm staying inside all day today in #Blacksburg. #VirginiaTech

@kburkeVT: Just read a couple tweets on the #virginiatech trending topic. Very disappointing to see people make broad generalizations about out school

@__RideTheCloud: #virginiatech has to be one of the least safe colleges in America

@k_griggs: There has been no gunman found, he may have not even had a gun. Please stop bashing #VirginiaTech and the students here. We're all safe.

@laurentappan: despite lockdown, im home now and safe, everything on campus was fine #virginiatech #ilovemyschool

@JasonCerna: #virginiatech in #blacksburg is still safer than your town or city. everyone is blowing this out of proportion.

@kevin_eike: I saw a guy carrying what looked like a sandwich. He's gone now. Everybody watch out for the sandwichman. #virginiatech

@sarahgolden124: People are so pathetic and stupid. Sorry I'm not sorry for being a hokie...#VirginiaTech > your school