Traveling is major part of anyone's life in the fashion industry.  Whether you are jet-setting for a business meeting in Tokyo or a vacation in the Virgin Islands, you want to do it in the most fashion forward way possible.  Between the standing in line for hours, taking items of clothing on and off for security purposes, and let's not forget the horrible air pressure on the plane, keeping it trendy while traveling can be a difficult task.  Thank goodness there are ways of be prepared for the ordeal of travel while adding a sense of style this season.

The theme - keeping it simple and practical without having to resort to sweatshirts and sweatpants.

To start with the basics, you want an outfit that moves with your body; so ladies skip the skin tight jeans/shorts and pencil skirts as articles of clothing may shift in the airport and during flight.  Having a pair of tiny tight shorts on will leave you feeling constricted and uncomfortable.  Opt for loose fitting dress pants or maxi skirts.  When going business casual - dress in high waisted trousers paired with a pair of your comfiest heels to make legs appear longer.  If you are more of the careless and free girl, dress in a maxi skirt with sandals or a pair of stretchy straight cut pants paired with flats.

width=1 Depending on where your destination is, there are a wide variety of tops you can wear.  Instead of figure hugging halters or sweaters, try out a jersey top or t-shirt.  A sleeveless jersey top is perfect for when you get off that plane and into the warm Caribbean weather. Try not to go for the low cut tops because carrying all that luggage may result in some unwanted exposure. If your destination is a business trip, wear a loose dress shirt in a lightweight fabric or just a simple cotton T-shirt and pair it with a blazer for a more professional look.

It can get very cold on that plane especially when the person next to you will not lower their air conditioning.  To fix this dilemma, pair your outfit with a blazer or a knit sweater.  When wearing your maxi skirt, choose a straight-fitted sweater rather than a sweater with a flowing effect; the look becomes too baggy with both the skirt and loose sweater.  A blazer will go perfectly with your straight-leg pants or the high waist trousers.  If your shoulders are more on the broad side, opt for the knit sweater; it will make you look less box - shaped.

Pairing these trendy looks with a pair of running sneakers is not the best option ladies.  We all want to be comfortable, but let's not ruin all of our hard work at trying to be fashionable with shoes better suited for the gym.  Flats and brogues seem to be the favorite of many women when traveling, since both shoes are easily taken off and put on.  However, if you are a girl who loves her heels, then a low heel or a pair of wedges will not only elongate your legs but leave you able to walk when you arrive at your destination.  Sandals are always a favorite in the warm weather, not rubber pool flip-flops ladies; Leather soled, real sandals.

The most important item while traveling is the perfect handbag or laptop bag.  Everyone travels with their laptop, ipad, etc. these days, so you need a travel bag that has a lot of pockets to store all of your electronic accessories but still look cute.  Burberry, Michael Kors, and Kate Spade travel items are hot this season. Also, Marc Jacobs makes laptop bags for MacBooks, MacBook Pros and MacBook Airs.