“Vampire Diaries” fans, rejoice. Only one week remains until the hit CW series returns for its fourth season. Think you’re prepared for the drama that’s about to hit Mystic Falls this year? We broke down spoilers by character, so find out what’s in store for your favorite supernatural or human being below.

Elena - After a rough season three finale, it doesn’t appear that life (or the afterlife) is going to get any easier for Elena. While the new vampire’s relationship with Stefan will grow with heart-warming moments, she’ll also be keeping secrets from him. One secret is that she is using Damon’s vampire training methods. 

Besides keeping secrets, Elena will also unearth one. In the season three finale viewers saw that Damon had actually met Elena before Stefan did, but compelled her to forget it. When the series resumes Elena will remember that moment with Damon, and according to TVLine.com, it is “visually clever” and cwill atch viewers off-guard.

Fans should also remember that as a new vampire, Elena will be prone to some out-of-character behavior, including rage. According to a synopsis of episode four, “The Rager,” Elena will be none too happy to see Rebekah walking through the halls of Mystic Falls High (and who can blame the girl?). Since Rebekah is pretty much responsible for Elena’s early death and transformation into a vampire, she’s going to be feeling some rage toward the new vampire. But Elena’s going to “learn the hard way” not to mess with the original vampire.

Stefan - Stefan is getting drafted -- kind of. Fans know that “The Vampire Diaries” are prone to flashbacks, and one flashback in a future episode is going to take us back to World War II. We’ve already seen the Salvatore brothers during the Civil War, but now viewers will see Stefan in action (and uniform) in World War II.

Other fun Stefan moments this season include a motorcycle ride with his eternal girlfriend, and a closer relationship with Caroline, who he’ll turn to for help with Elena.

Damon - Damon’s best bud Alaric may be dead and gone, but he’ll gain some surprising new friendships this season. In episode four, “The Rager,” Damon will enlist the help of Dr. Meredith Fell and Klaus in order to question Connor, the dangerous new vampire hunter in town.

One person who should definitely stay out of Damon’s sight this season is Matt. Although it ultimately was Rebekah to blame for Elena’s early demise, Damon blames Matt for her death.

Jeremy - Last season Jeremy lost his guardian Alaric, and his sister Elena. Season four of “The Vampire Diaries” will find him getting closer with Matt, who takes him under his wing. A newcomer to Mystic Falls is also trying to get in close with Jeremy. Vampire hunter Connor is looking for a new hunting buddy and is trying to recruit Jeremy. It also doesn’t hurt that Jeremy knows a lot about the supernatural happenings in town.

Bonnie - Last season Bonnie worked some serious magic by putting Klaus in Tyler’s body. Season four will find her seeing the consequences of that magic, but that won’t stop her from moving forward with other dark witchcraft. Bonnie will do her best to reverse Elena’s vampire transformation, but as future episode details reveal, will fail. Fans can count on Bonnie to make Elena a daylight ring, but that doesn’t mean she will be happy about Elena’s new life. Actress Kat Graham revealed that her character will take Elena’s death hard, and will rely on someone new to “help her through that.” Could the someone new possibly be Professor Shane?

Caroline - Caroline will end up being a rock for Stefan and Elena this season, but don’t expect it to start out that way. Initially Caroline will start the fourth season as a total wreck. The season three finale found her and Tyler’s mom forcing the couple to run after the council found out about their supernatural lives. Before Caroline and Tyler could run away from Mystic Falls together, Klaus died and Tyler started shifting. Before shifting (and turning into Klaus), Tyler forced Caroline to leave, leading her to believe that her boyfriend was dead. “So know she’s on the run by herself and dealing with the death of the love of her life,” explained actress Candice Accola in an interview with the CW.

Matt - Poor Matt will be on a serious guilt trip this season after his plan to take Elena to safety ended up with her dying and being turned into a vampire. According to actor Zach Roerig, although Elena’s vampire transformation will change their whole dynamic, it will also bring them closer. So close that Matt will even let Elena rope him into going to the upcoming Miss Mystic Falls pageant.

As for if Matt should be worried for his life because of Damon, Roerig explained that his character should be fine thanks to Elena. “She’s a feisty little creature now,” said Roerig. “So I have a feeling [Damon’s] going to listen.”

Tyler - Besides getting over the fact that Bonnie put Klaus in his body, Tyler will be getting a special visitor this season. In episode four, “The Rager,” Tyler will be getting a surprise visit from Hayley. So, who exactly is Hayley? The werewolf that helped Tyler break his sire-bond to Klaus! Only time will tell if Hayley will be a welcome sight for Caroline. 

Season four of “The Vampire Diaries” premieres Thursday, Oct. 11, at 8 p.m. Eastern on the CW.