Although residents of Mystic Falls seem to be dropping like flies, the town has no problem filling its vacancies. Spoilers for the "Vampire Diaries" previously revealed that our Mystic Falls teens will be getting a new educational figure to look up to. With Alaric out of the picture it appears that new character, Professor Shane, will be stepping in to help in the supernatural department. So, who will be playing the new professor in town? confirms that "The Borgias'" David Alpay has landed the recurring role of Professor Shane. According to an earlier report from Zap2it, Professor Shane's storyline isn't just popping up out of the blue. In fact, his storyline stems from the "Bad Moon Rising" episode in season two.

Alpay, who has also appeared on "The Tudors" and "Fairly Legal," will be working closely with Bonnie, the town witch and go-to-girl for supernatural dilemmas. Making his first appearance in episode four, TVLine explains that Professor Shane is, "a charismatic and attractive teacher who has ties to one of Mystic Falls important families."

Professor Shane won't just be interacting with Bonnie. Zap2It reveals that the professor is a way to start transitioning Elena and the gang into college. This season our Mystic Falls seniors will start "spending time at the local university," the same university that Aunt Jenna had been attending before her death.

While we don't know exactly what dramatic shenanigans will occur with Professor Shane in town, we do have some ideas. One theory stems from Elena's recent turn to a vampire. Rumors are swirling that Bonnie will try to do everything she can to prevent Elena from transitioning. Since Professor Shane has some knowledge of the occult, it's possible that the two may be able to discover a spell to turn Elena back into a human. If a spell to help Elena doesn't exist, Bonnie may enlist him to help release Klaus from Tyler's body.

Another theory about Professor Shane stems from a report from According to the site, Bonnie will be getting a new love interest in season four. Similar to ABC Family's "Pretty Little Liars," Bonnie and Professor Shane may be the next Aria and Ezra.

What do you think of David Alpay being cast as Professor Shane on season four of the "Vampire Diaires?"