Parsippany, N.J., was full of fangs this weekend as girls (and a couple guys) of all ages flocked to the Hilton Parsippany hotel for a two-day “Vampire Diaries” convention. Fret not if you didn’t get a chance to attend, because we’ve compiled a list of five juicy spoilers from the highly anticipated fifth season.

Jamie’s Potential Return

One of the “Vampire Diaries” actors in attendance was Robert Ri’chard, who played Bonnie’s love interest and adopted brother in season three. Sharing the stage with vampire hunter Vaughn’s Charlie Bewley, the pair talked about their time on set and answered some questions.

Although fans haven’t seen Jamie since the Mystic Falls 1920s decade dance, Jamie is still alive … and potentially returning at some point during season five.

“I’m sworn to secrecy,” Ri’chard said in response to a fan asking if we’ll see him in the new season. However Vaughn’s Charlie Bewley made a good point -- why would you say you’re sworn to secrecy if you’re not in it? “You’re not in, but don’t tell anyone,” Bewley joked, adding, “I’m not sworn to secrecy.”

Kol’s Limbo

Also in attendance was Nathaniel Buzolic, who played original vampire Kol. Thanks to Jeremy, the vampire died in season four, however Kol’s family members are heading off for their own spinoff show the CW -- “The Originals.”

Since the “Vampire Diaries” is famous for bringing back characters from the dead, does that mean that Buzolic will be reviving his role as Kol? Unfortunately, the actor doesn’t know, telling fans that they honestly know as much as he does right now.

“I would love to come back,” he said to the audience. “I would not say no.”

If he did end up showing up on “The Originals,” Buzolic said that he would love to explore the background of his character and learn exactly why Klaus decided to dagger him.  

Tyler’s Journey

Tyler’s Michael Trevino and Matt’s Zach Roerig shared the stage at the convention on Saturday. When a fan asked Trevino where he’d like to see his character in the new season, Tyler responded: “I’m just trying to be on the show at this point.”

Tyler went missing for a majority of season four because Klaus ran him out of Mystic Falls. However, as a graduation gift to Caroline, Klaus decided to pardon Tyler and allow him to return home. But it seems like things with Caroline won’t get back to normal, because the blonde vampire is headed to college and rumored to be crushing on an upperclassman named Jesse.

Matt’s Fun Summer

While Michael Trevino is just trying to get some screen time, his co-star Zach Roerig sounds like he’ll be getting a lot this season. Explaining that they just started filming on Wednesday, July 10, Roerig dished that the first scene his character Matt show involved him in bed with two women – one a vampire and another a gypsy. Roerig continued that the third party, who was previously revealed to be named Nadia, will be sticking around the series and end up in Mystic Falls. He teased that his character will become “good” friends with Nadia -- emphasis on “good.”

Dr. Fell Possibly Back In Action

Torrey DeVitto, who plays Dr. Fell, told fans at the convention that she’s not sure if her character will be returning this season. “It is a possibility,” she said, explaining that she’s not allowed to be featured on the “Vampire Diaries” if her other show, “Army Wives,” gets picked up for another season. “It was left open ended for a reason,” she said of her character, who was last seen trying to help Elena come to terms with the death of her brother.

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