Who's ready for season five of “The Vampire Diaries"? The new season of the hit CW series won’t be airing for months, but we’ve found a possible premiere date and an awesome fan-made trailer to hold you over.

The supposed season five premiere date came from a Nina Dobrev Facebook fan page, so it might not be accurate. According to the page, the first episode will air on Thursday, Oct. 10. Viewers might recall that season four aired on Thursday, Oct. 11, 2012, which means that the speculated premiere date may be right!

Viewers will definitely have to wait for an official trailer from the CW, but in the meantime a fantastic fan-made trailer for season five can be watched courtesy of YouTube user Maria78163. “On the season 4 finale everything changed,” text for the video explains, recapping the veil coming down and the invasion of ghosts. Flashing back over the finale deaths, Elena’s love triangle choice and Katherine taking the cure, the trailer continues by teasing “new love, pain, destruction, death and revenge” for season five.

TV Guide revealed that things will definitely be different next season, especially when it comes to Elena and Katherine. While in the past it was Elena who was able to be hurt and killed, this season Katherine will find herself in those shoes. “Vampire Diaries” executive producer Julie Plec teased that it will now be Katherine “in need of protection much like the first Elena we met four years ago.” On top of that, Elena will be abandoning her helpless doppelganger in Mystic Falls while she heads off to college.

As a human everyone will be out to kill Katherine, which Plec told TV Line will have her “seeking out protection from unlikely sources … she’s definitely going to find herself on the wrong end of a lot of vendettas.” But even though Katherine will fear attacks of revenge, that’s not going to force her to immediately try to become a vampire again. Julie Plec continued to TV Guide that she’s going to have to weigh “how much do I hate being human?” over whether it’s worth the risk of actually dying if the vampire venom doesn’t work.

Watch the fan-made trailer below. What are your thoughts on season 5 of “The Vampire Diaries"?