“The Vampire Diaries” has had a lot of bloodshed in season 5, but that means the cast has some open spots! Since the CW series returned we have bid adieu to newcomers Jesse, Aaron and Megan (among many others). But by the end of the season, viewers will have some fresh blood on their screen.

Get ready to welcome two new faces to the show: Heather Hemmens and Chris Brochu.

Heather Hemmens, formerly of the CW drama “Hellcats,” will be joining “The Vampire Diaries” as Maggie … a love interest for Enzo! Enzo, Damon’s old BFF and bad-boy accomplice, joined the show at the beginning of the season and has been causing trouble ever since. Enzo, who was revealed to be the Augustine vampire, was locked up and tortured at Whitmore College for years until finally escaping.

A previous episode mentioned that Enzo had fallen in love with one of the students that worked for Dr. Whitmore at the college. That love interest in question is none other than Maggie, a “kind, warm and engaging medical student.” E! Online describes her as a “compassionate soul” who has a lot of courage, but that will be “tested” when her feelings about Enzo lead her into some dangerous situations. The catch is that the Enzo met Maggie in 1953, and that she supposedly left the college when she discovered what Dr. Whitmore was really up to. So does that mean that “Vampire Diaries” viewers will be meeting Hemmens’ character in a flashback? Or did she somehow turn into a vampire and get locked up at Whitmore for all these years? The answer will be revealed when Hemmens makes her debut in episode 19.

As for Chris Brochu? The 24-year-old has had small roles in TV series like “Melissa & Joey,” “NCIS: Las Vegas” and “CSI: NY” He will join “The Vampire Diaries” as a Whitmore College student named Luke. As we previously reported, Luke is handsome, sarcastic and will be the show’s first gay character.

Viewers already met Luke’s sister, Liv, in episode 13. Liv also attends Whitmore College and caught Bonnie’s attention when she used magic in the classroom. The gang was forced to turn to Liv for help when Damon kidnapped Jeremy and demanded a locator spell for Dr. Wes. And while Liv initially refused, Caroline managed to “help convince” her to perform the magic.

Luke is set to become friends with Elena, Caroline and Bonnie, but E! Online teases that he has ulterior motives for befriending the trio. He supposedly has a mysterious and dangerous reason for coming into their lives that has to do with growing tension between the witches and the travelers.

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