Ready for a Halloween treat, “Vampire Diaries” fans? Episode 5, “Monster’s Ball,” airs on Thursday and promises to have costumes, blood and spooky revelations! So, what can you expect from the episode? We’ve got you covered.

Meet Aaron

College is about meeting new people, and that’s exactly what Elena will do when she returns to Whitmore. The vampire will meet Aaron, a “sad and secretive student.” Actress Nina Dobrev revealed to TV Guide that the pair will “bond over a similar life and past and the grief and death they both had.”

Another Party

Caroline and Elena may be out of Mystic Falls, but they can’t escape the elaborate parties. In episode 5 the vampires will be going to the Whitmore Historical Ball, and Elena will have a date – Damon! The pair will be dressed as Anne Boleyn and Henry VIII, but won’t be staying together the whole evening. During the ball, Elena will share a dance with Dr. Maxfield … “who has a disturbing message for her.”

More Trouble For Caroline

Episode 4 of “The Vampire Diaries” ended with Caroline getting a surprise visit from Tyler, but Dr. Maxfield kills her new college buddy Jesse. While at the ball, Caroline’s night will go from “happiness to heartbreak.” Whether her heartbreak stems from Tyler or Jesse is currently unknown.

Who Is Nadia?

Nadia was introduced during the season 5 premiere, but viewers still don’t know much about her. Is she a traveler? A vampire? What does she want from Silas? Some questions about the mysterious newcomer will be answered in “Monster’s Ball” when she reveals her “surprising history to Katherine.”

“You know there’s been the question of what exactly necessarily is Nadia’s agenda, and people have been waiting for it, and I think it’s the perfect time for it to come out,” Nadia’s Olga Fonda told E! Online. “There were few speculations here and there and I think some people are going to be very happy with their speculations and some might be surprised – pleasantly surprised.

Damon’s Deal

Thanks to the preview, we know that Damon is not accepting Bonnie’s death. The eldest Salvatore will pay Silas a visit in an attempt to make a deal to revive Bonnie. But Silas demands that Damon commit “an unthinkable act” – killing Stefan. The result will be a “violent confrontation.”

What About Megan?

Remember how Elena and Caroline’s roommate, Megan, died in the season 5 premiere? The deceased college student may have been put on the backburner to deal with Stefan/Silas issues, but a sneak peek clip shows that she’s not completely gone.

“Bonnie died – three months ago. And what was I doing? I was having the summer of my life,” Elena tells Damon. “With you.” “Ah guilt,” Damon says, realizing why Elena’s so upset. “Don’t know it, but I’ve heard it can be a real b*tch.”

“I know that it’s not my fault that Bonnie died, but it is my fault for not figuring it out sooner,” Elena explains. But Damon’s not letting her sulk. “Elena, you’re allowed to be happy once in a blue moon,” he counters. “Besides, Jeremy was lying to us all summer.”

“I should have figured it out,” Elena insists. “I know that it’s not the same but I’m not going to let Megan’s death fall through the cracks too.

Episode 5, “Monster’s Ball,” will air on the CW on Thursday at 8 p.m. EDT. Catch a sneak peek from the “Vampire Diaries” below and let us know what you think.