Poor Stefan cannot catch a break! Last time “Vampire Diaries” viewers left off, Tessa/Qetsiyah had cast a spell that weakened Silas but erased Stefan’s memory. This week during episode 4, “For Whom The Bell Tolls,” the gang tried to help Stefan regain his memory … and brought back the mysterious “diaries” that haven’t been seen since season 1.

Caroline’s Moving On

Caroline can’t wait for Tyler forever! In episode 4 Caroline decided to give Jesse (who just happens to be sketchy Prof. Wes Maxfield’s lab assistant) a chance and invited him to help her study science … during a Mystic Falls cemetery party.

The two do some minor flirting in between their cemetery picnic study session, and while Caroline knows that Jesse is interested, she’s still shocked when he makes a move and kisses her.

Damon’s History Lessons

“Vampire Diaries” viewers haven’t seen the diaries mentioned in the show title in a while but this week Stefan unearthed them in order to read up on his past. Learning that he’s known as a “ripper,” Stefan tries to convince Damon to let him try feeding on humans while he has “vampnesia.” Stefan’s theory is that he has no guilt due to his amnesia, which would be the reason why he would turn into a ripper. However, Damon’s not willing to test that theory out and have a ripper loose.

The two Salvatore brothers bond over alcohol, but things take a turn when Elena shows up and learns that Damon didn’t tell Stefan about her. Stefan doesn’t live under a rock, though, and puts two and two together that they dated in the past. Yet what he doesn’t know is that Elena dumped him to be with his brother.

Damon gets a call from Jeremy and leaves Elena with Stefan, who tries a different attempt at helping the vampire remember his life. Taking her ex to Mystic Falls High School, Elena re-creates the moment they met. Unfortunately it doesn’t “magically bring [his memory] back.”

What Matt’s Camera Catches

After continuing to black out, Matt decides to set up cameras to see what he’s doing during these blank hours. And what he catches on camera is pretty disturbing.

The video shows him waking up and speaking in another language. Grabbing a special knife, Matt walks to the camera to give a message: “Hello Matt Donovan, I am the passenger inside you. I know you have many questions but all you need to know is our friends will come looking for this blade. Protect it with all costs or this will be your throat [he cuts his hand with the blade].”

Bonnie’s Death Revealed

Despite Bonnie begging Jeremy not to reveal her secret, it’s finally time to come clean. Jeremy calls up Damon and breaks the news … and gets a surprising reaction.

“You can’t just bring somebody back from the dead,” Jeremy tells Damon. “There’s always a price to pay for it.”

“You say it and everything in Elena’s life turns to crap,” Damon warns. “Everything changes.”

“Bonnie’s dead,” Jeremy says to an actually distraught looking Damon. The cold-hearted vampire then grabs Jeremy … bringing him in for a hug.

A Stelena Reunion?

Stefan and Elena engage in some serious flirting but when push comes to shove Elena doesn’t want to reignite the flame with Stefan. “I was different around you,” Stefan tells Elena, moving in for a kiss. “I’m with Damon,” she counters, pulling away.

And just like that the honeymoon phase due to the vampnesia ended. “Neither of you thought this was something I should know?” Stefan asks angrily. “We weren’t hiding it from you,” she pleads. But the damage is done. Stefan’s angry and on the warpath.

An Unfortunate Victim

Tired of the blood bags and angry over Damon and Elena’s betrayal, Stefan heads off to feed and ends up running into Caroline and Jesse. Caroline compels Jesse to run and hide while she tries to talk Stefan down, but the urge to feed is too strong in Stefan. And instead of feeding on someone random, Stefan decides to go after poor innocent Jesse.

While he initially is able to stop drinking from Jesse, he realizes that there is no point in “being good.”

“What do I have to show for it?” he asks a scared Jesse. “My brother stole my girlfriend. And my girlfriend let him.”

Biting Jesse again, Caroline’s able to swoop in and save the day. Feeding Jesse her blood to let him heal, Stefan leaves to take care of business. And what’s that business? Burning his diaries. “I don’t want to be the person in these journals anymore,” Stefan explains to Damon and Elena as they watch him throw the books in the fire. “I don’t want to live in this house anymore.”

Walking out, Damon tells Elena that “I think we just got dumped.”

A Proper Goodbye For Bonnie

Damon and Jeremy had the misfortune of telling everyone that Bonnie died - and it was tear inducing.

While Damon comforts Elena, Stefan comforts Caroline. “You have me,” he tells her. “You were there for me last night. It sounds like you’re always there for me. So let me be there for you.”

The group (minus Stefan) gathers in the woods to pay their respect and Jeremy speaks on behalf of ghost Bonnie.

“Say that I’m not going anywhere. Say that even though they couldn’t see me I’ve been there the whole time,” Bonnie instructs Jeremy.

Speaking individually to all her friends, Bonnie tells Elena to repack her things and go back to college to “live it up.” She tells Matt that he didn’t do anything wrong and that she would have send him 200 emails over the summer if she could. Ending with Caroline, Bonnie tells her, “I watched you decorate that dorm room like your life depended on it.” Caroline manages to crack a smile through the tears … and also gets a surprise when Tyler returns to town to say goodbye to Bonnie as well.

A Shocking End

Caroline managed to save Jesse’s life after Stefan bit him and Prof. Maxfield figures that out. “You have vampire blood in your system,” he says to Jesse, who is strapped up to a machine in a lab. The blood, he explains is step one to creating a new vampire. “This is step two,” he tells Jesse as he stabs him with a needle … stopping his heart.

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