The gang is back together on “The Vampire Dairies”! After a rough couple of weeks trying to get Bonnie back, the girls are trying to put the past behind them and move forward with college. However, the past always catches up. Read on to find out what happened in episode 8, “Dead Man On Campus”:

What Happened To Jesse?

For two weeks Jesse was MIA as he was poked and prodded by Dr. Wes. So, what has the good doctor been doing to his poor lab assistant? Infusing him with undiluted “Augustine” blood -- the blood of the Whitmore College vampire! Fortunately for Jesse, it gave him enough strength that he’s able to escape the doctor’s grasp.

Time To Party

To celebrate Bonnie’s return Elena and Caroline decide to throw a massive party at their dorm. But in usual fashion, drama ensues -- Bonnie’s struggling to come to terms with the pain associated with being an anchor; Caroline’s not happy that Elena is still with Damon; and Jesse revealed that he’s a vampire!

As Caroline tries to help Jesse with vampirism 101, Elena sends Damon over to Dr. Wes to get some answers out of him … and it’s not good. With the doctor refusing to talk, Damon begins infecting him with rabies, flesh eating bacteria and Ebola, among other diseases, until he finally breaks. And what he reveals is truly a game changer. Turns out that Wes created Jesse to be a “new kind of vampire,” one that doesn’t need to feed on humans, but a vampire that feeds on vampires and can’t stop until their blood is drained.

While Damon’s learning a little more about Dr. Wes and his vampire creation, Elena is off getting more dirt on Aaron. And it turns out that the pair has more in common than they thought. Revealing that Dr. Wes  is his legal guardian, Aaron explains that both his parents died when he was six-years-old. The family was camping when he woke up to his mother screaming … she died of bite marks to her neck … bite marks that authorities claimed were from a bear.

Back In Mystic Falls

Just because there is drama going on at Whitmore doesn’t mean that Mystic Falls is scotch free. Stefan’s still having flashbacks to being locked in the safe underwater; Katherine can’t deal with aging and Matt’s still a little upset about having those pesky blackouts.

Despite suffering from their own problems, Katherine and Stefan team up to help Matt, who’s suffering from a “human parasite hitching a ride in his brain.” With the help of Nadia they summon her Traveler boyfriend, Christoph, who is living inside Matt. Asking him why he came to Mystic Falls, Christoph reveals that it just wasn’t to kill Silas … it was to also kill Katherine. Angry that she was on his hit list (and believing him not to be good enough for Nadia), Katherine uses a special knife to stab Matt. But the knife won’t kill Matt, just the parasite inside him.

Needless to say, Nadia’s not happy that Katherine killed her boyfriend. And even though Katherine told Nadia that she deserves better, Nadia’s response is to “rot in hell.”

Trouble For Jesse

“Dead Man On Campus” wrapped up with Jesse attacking Damon and not being able to stop. While Damon believed that he could take the newborn vampire, the Augustine blood surprisingly made Jesse stronger than Damon. Elena arrived to find Jesse close to ripping Damon’s head off and did the first thing she could think of to save her boyfriend … stake Jesse.

Caroline walked in to find Elena driving the stake into him. “We promised we were going to help him,” she told Elena, upset that she just lost her first college friend. But then the harsh words come out: “The Elena I used to know would have given Jesse a chance.”

Caroline and Elena eventually apologize to each other, but Caroline makes it clear that she thinks Damon is no good for her.

Goodbye Katherine

Back in Mystic Falls, Katherine has decided to give up hope. Leaving Nadia a suicide note she climbed to the top of the clock tower. But Katherine didn’t count on Stefan finding the note. Throwing herself off the building, Katherine’s surprised when she doesn’t land on the concrete … but instead in the arms of Stefan. Asking why she wants to end her life, Katherine explains that she’s not willing to age. Stefan tells her in response: “You’re Katherine Pierce. Suck it up.”

Damon’s Dark Secret

Waiting to compel Dr. Wes, Damon discovers a blood bag marked with a number. Asking Wes about what it means, Damon reveals that he was number 20151.

“Augustine,” says Damon. “Haven’t heard that name in decades. Thought you guys shut down 60 years ago.”

With Damon distracted, Wes manages to get free and drug Damon with vervain. Locking him up, Wes tells Damon that he’s sure “Augustine will be thrilled to have you back.”

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