The new promo video for “The Vampire Diaries” season five is out -- and it is hot, hot, hot! The hit CW series is set to return Oct. 3 and the new trailer teases nonstop drama. So, what can fans expect?

Stefan’s Summer

“Hello, my shadow self,” Stefan’s doppelganger, Silas, says to him in a clip from the season-four finale. The new season of “The Vampire Diaries” will jump ahead a couple of months, but it appears as if the youngest Salvatore will still be buried underwater -- while Silas parades around pretending to be him.

Katherine’s Return

Damon and Elena may have exchanged “I love you’s” last season, but that doesn’t mean their relationship will be a stroll through the park. With Elena off to Whitmore College, her beau will be getting a visit from his recently alive ex: Katherine.

“It’s been a long summer, Damon,” a disheveled-looking Katherine says to her former lover. “Katherine,” he responds with disgust on his face.

Jeremy’s Welcome-Back Party

Jeremy died in Mystic Falls, and, unlike the case of Bonnie’s current situation, everyone in town knew about it. So, how is little Gilbert going to deal with going back to a school that previously held a memorial for his death? It’s not exactly going to be a happy welcome-back party. The season-five video shows him being forced to fight someone in the halls of Mystic Falls High School.

Silas’ Bit Of Fun

Silas is really going to be taking advantage of his new persona this season. With newly human Katherine holing herself up at the Salvatore residence, it seems the doppelganger has no idea that she’s dealing with another doppelganger.

While sudsy in a bathtub, a naked Katherine gets a visit from pretend Stefan. “Human looks better on you than I would have thought, Katherine,” Silas tells her as he goes in for a kiss. And it looks like she’s more than willing to try to reignite the flames with the Salvatore -- until she figures out it’s not him.

“This season the rules have changed,” the season-five “Vampire Diaries” video teases. To see how, catch episode one, “I Know What You Did Last Summer,” when it premieres Oct. 3, and, meanwhile, watch the dramatic new trailer below: