All hell is breaking loose on “The Vampire Diaries.” The hit CW series returned on April 17 with episode 18, revealing jaw dropping information about the doppelganger prophecy.

“Resident Evil” kicked off with old school Elena (who used to wear her hair long and straight and always rocked a leather jacket) writing in her diary … and meeting Stefan for the first time. Yep, that’s right – in an alternate universe Elena meets Stefan in the middle of town when a page from her journal takes off with the wind. Stefan stops it and the pair get their flirt on, but Elena’s wakes from her dream when a car almost strikes him.

Elena has a second dream blackout to her and Stefan’s first date in their alternate reality. The couple went on a movie date with Stefan walking her to her front door at the end – where Elena’s dad interrupts their romantic after-date talk by turning the front porch light on. Making plans to go out to dinner, the two kiss and Elena snaps out of the fake world again.

Caroline initially believes that Elena’s having these dreams because she just broke up with Stefan. But Caroline realizes that something is up when Stefan calls to say that a car almost hit him because he was having a vision of Elena.

Unsure of what to do, Elena and Caroline call Damon and Enzo. And needless to say, Damon is not happy to hear that Elena and Stefan are having visions of each other.

In order to get to the bottom of the dreams, Damon tells the girls to bring Liv to the house. But Liv’s already busy … with Jeremy.

Liv reveals to Jeremy that the goal of the witches is to get rid of the Travelers. Her coven has been tracking them throughout the years, and they have a history of taking over towns by becoming passengers. Since Jeremy is a hunter, he’s unable to become passengers to them. But the same can’t be said for Matt and Tyler. Using a Traveler knife, Liv forces the two to stab themselves in order to prove that they are Traveler free … and the trick is that they have to do it to the rest of the Mystic Falls town.

As they put their plan in place, Grams pays a visit to Bonnie on the Other Side. Grams explains to Bonnie that the witches believe that the Travelers overwhelmed her so that someone could get through – and the witches are scared. Not sure what to do, Bonnie turns to Jeremy. But unfortunately Jeremy is busy with Liv, and Liv wants to keep Bonnie in the dark about her plan.

While the gang is working out the kinks of the Travelers and their doppelganger fetish, Matt comes across his first passenger – Sheriff Forbes. Unfortunately for Matt, Sheriff Forbes overhears him mention the Traveler knife while on the phone with Tyler, and stabs him in the neck. But Tyler wasn’t far behind Matt. He manages to stab Sheriff Forbes with the knife, but a mysterious figure appears behind him.

The good news is that Matt has his magical ring on – but the bad news is that he still has to pass through Bonnie to go to the Other Side. While on the Other Side, Matt runs into a Kol who tells him that things are all “topsy turvy” and that there is “trouble in paradise.”

“The whole place is unraveling,” Kol tells Matt. “You’re going back.”

But Matt has other plans first – he wants to find his sister, Vicki. After walking through the Other Side, the brother and sister finally find each other. But Vicki can’t appreciate the brief time together, because she’s deathly afraid.

“Something’s wrong,” she warns him. “Matty, you need to get back to your body and go back.”

However Matt doesn’t want to leave without her. Running through the woods, a strong wind begins to tear them apart – lifting Vicki up into the sky through what looks like a black hole.

Meanwhile Elena and Damon are struggling with trying to deal with the dreams while being “friends.” For Damon the dreams mean that Elena and Stefan are supposed to be together, but Elena disagrees.

Fortunately their conversation is interrupted when Luke shows up to provide some information about the dreams. Luke reveals that the dreams are happening because Markos is in town and is trying to draw Stefan and Elena together to a certain location. But in order for them to find that location, Elena must continue having her dreams.

And Elena does that. This time the dream is of Elena and Stefan’s anniversary … and day that they became engaged. As Elena is sucking face with Stefan, an envelope falls on the floor … exposing the address that Markos is at.

Damon and Enzo head to the address and come face-to-face with Markos. And surprisingly Markos is willing to talk. But he only wants to talk with Damon. Being the good friend that Enzo is, Enzo refuses to let Damon go alone. But Markos tells Enzo that if he ever wants to see Maggie again he’d have to stay behind. (In the ultimate cute moment, Enzo revealed to Caroline that he’s not trying to find Maggie to date her, but instead to thank her.)

Markos confirms that he’s the reason that Stefan and Elena are having dreams together. But the doppelganger prophecy isn’t exactly what it seems. Markos needs the doppelganger blood in order for the Travelers to overcome the curse that the witches put on them. Fifteen hundred years ago he created the prophecy, but had no idea where the doppelgangers were. Which is why he created the doppelganger destiny because the best way to get people searching for each other is the promise of true love.

Markos promises Damon that he’ll stop the dreams because all he wants is the blood. But in doing so Markos revealed that he has the whole town of Mystic Falls under his spell.

As Markos works on ending the dreams, Elena has one final one. This time her and Stefan are happily married … with kids (who bite)! But just as the two are in bliss, they are torn apart when Markos ends it all. But when Elena wakes, Stefan is in front of her.

The pair agrees that the dreams felt amazing, but realize that the whole doppelganger destiny was a lie. However Stefan argues that what they had was real, they just grew apart.

Stefan’s words makes Elena think about her relationship with Damon, and when Damon returns to the house she’s waiting for him in his room. Thanking him for his help in stopping the dreams, she begins to talk about the visions – something Damon doesn’t want to hear. But Elena argues that he must know.

“I saw a perfect life,” she tells him. “Stefan and I were married, had kids. It was was everything we wanted. But it wasn’t real. You and I, we’re messy and complicated but we’re real.”

“And really bad for each other,” Damon argues. “Did you forget that part?”

Elena didn’t forget, and explains that she needs him in her life. However the pair aren’t getting back together. Elena was referring to a friendship. And Damon doesn’t want that. Eah but I still need you in my life

“I don’t even want to look at you and I sure as hell don’t want to be your friend,” he harshly tells her, leaving Elena to walk out of the room.

Episode 18 concluded with Caroline sitting with her mom as she woke up from the Traveler knife … and Tyler now working for Markos after getting overpowered by a passenger. Handing over the Travelers knife, Markos throws into a fire and casts a spell.

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