Thanks to “The Originals” spinoff series, “Vampire Diaries” fans knew that Matt and Rebekah had an expiration date on their relationship. But they didn’t know how quickly Matt would be moving on from the sassy blonde!

Matt’s Zach Roerig dished at a New Jersey “Vampire Diaries” convention that his character will be in Prague with Rebekah when the series returns in October for its fifth season. The two will definitely be taking their relationship beyond friendship as the actor revealed that a “third party” will end up in bed with them. We know that the “third party” will be new character Nadia (played by Olga Fonda), and it appears Nadia might actually be replacing Rebekah in Matt’s heart.

Where does this new theory come from? A juicy (and pretty sexy) photo that Zach Roerig posted on Instagram in late July!

“Welcome our new cast mate … Miss Olga Fonda. #NewFamily #TVD,” Roerig captioned the photo. In the picture, Fonda is sitting on the actor’s lap as she wraps her arm around his neck and looks seductively at the camera.

We’re not sure if the photo is of the pair in character, or if they are hanging out off-screen (in which case *Possible New Couple Alert!*). But the cozy position and Nadia’s breakdown has us leaning towards Matt moving on from Rebekah pretty quickly. Wetpaint reports that while Nadia is out for vengeance, the emotional woman will find herself “increasingly lost when it comes to genuine human connection.” Although she’s set to interact with Stefan, Elena, Caroline and some others, spoilers reveal that she’ll become “good friends” with Matt.

Besides the Prague threesome – will the “good friends” turn into lovers in season five? Season five of “The Vampire Diaries” premieres on Oct. 3 at 8 p.m. Let us know your thoughts on Matt, Rebekah and Nadia.