WARNING: SPOILERS AHEAD! Do NOT continue reading unless you watched episode 19 of “The Vampire Diaries.”

“Vampire Diaries” fans suffered a devastating blow in episode 19 … the death of Damon’s best friend and Season 5 newbie, Enzo. In a surprising twist, it was revealed that Damon had killed Enzo’s long-lost love, Maggie, in the 1960s. But what was even more surprising was Enzo’s decision to turn off his humanity switch … and force Stefan to kill him.

In the ultimate act of revenge, Enzo managed to accidentally make Stefan rip his heart out to cause a rift between the Salvatore brothers. Enzo’s death was supposed to lead Damon to never forgive Stefan, but instead the youngest Salvatore chose to turn to Elena to cover up the murder of the Augustine vampire. Unfortunately, Enzo’s still roaming around, thanks to the disintegration of “The Other Side” … and is bent on getting his vengeance any way possible.

“He’s a time bomb waiting to explode,” Enzo’s Michael Malarkey explained to TV Guide. “He’s feeling rather anarchist, so anybody who’s in his way -- off with their head. Yes, he’s got this vendetta with Damon and Stefan, but at the same time, if anybody gets in his way and stops him from getting what he wants, he’s going to be remorseless. So that’s dangerous.”

Enzo’s move to “The Other Side” isn’t coming at a good time, though. What the bad-boy vampire will quickly realize is that “The Other Side” is in shambles.

“There are rifts happening and everyone on ‘The Other Side’ is freaking out,” Malarkey continued. “Enzo is quite quick to join the club, like, ‘Maybe this isn’t a good place to be.’ He meets some strangers along the way who he may or may not use to get what he wants [which is] to get out of there.”

Will Enzo succeed in returning from “The Other Side”? “Vampire Diaries” fans will have to wait and see when episode 20 airs on The CW on May 1 at 8 p.m.

As we previously reported, the episode – “What Lies Beneath” – will find Damon, Stefan, Elena and Caroline seeking refuge at a secluded cabin when Tyler reveals Markos’ plan for the Travelers. With the Doppelgangers at risk, Damon and Caroline will try to keep them safe at Caroline’s father’s old cabin. And while they might be safe from the Travelers for now, a secret being kept by Elena and Stefan could lead to explosive drama in their small group.

Meanwhile, fans can look forward to a “ghostly presence” at the cabin, which resorts to using violence and fire to make itself known. Could that “ghostly presence” possibly be Enzo?

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