Do you love Enzo? Then episode 19 of “The Vampire Diaries” was for you. “Man on Fire” finally cleared up the mystery surrounding Enzo’s long lost love, Maggie … and unfortunately it didn’t have a happy ending.

For those unfamiliar with Enzo’s backstory, he was held captive at Whitmore College for years and gained the name “Augustine Vampire.” The doctors studied and tortured Enzo. But during his time locked up, there was a light at the end of the tunnel – Maggie.

Maggie was an observer working for Whitmore College, and used to take notes on Enzo’s behavior. She always kept her distance, and never took off her vervain bracelet. Yet the unlikely pair developed a beautiful friendship, and that was something that Enzo held onto.

Enzo has been searching for Maggie for the past couple of episodes. But as he explained to Caroline, he’s not trying to find her so that he can date her. He wants to thank her. With the help of the Travelers, Enzo received the info he needed on Maggie’s whereabouts. But unfortunately Maggie’s not living happily somewhere out west … because she had her head ripped off in 1960 in Mystic Falls.

Maggie’s murder was never solved but Enzo is well aware of Mystic Falls history … and knows that ripped off heads used to be Stefan’s calling card.

Out for revenge, Enzo decided to confront Stefan, who was helping Elena and Bonnie study at the Whitmore College coffee shop. And needless to say, things quickly got out of control.

Stefan tried to explain to Enzo that he wasn’t a ripper in 1960, but Enzo didn’t believe him. And in order for him to exact some brutal revenge, he enlisted the help of Liv’s magic …by threatening to kill her brother, Luke. Liv performed some vampire brain scrambling magic on Stefan and Elena, and Enzo compelled others to tie them up so he could begin torturing Stefan by other means.

But there is a reason why Stefan’s not admitting to killing Maggie. It’s because Damon killed her.

A flashback from Stefan to November 8, 1960 revealed that he was using self-control to get a quick blood fix from humans without killing them. Yet he did meet Maggie that day and he did threaten to kill her.

Turns out that Maggie had wanted Enzo to turn her into a vampire so she could help him escape. But Enzo didn’t want that life for Maggie. So instead he ripped off her vervain bracelet and compelled her to forget about him. But one day Maggie dug up her old medical journals and began to remember Enzo. Searching for her long lost love, Maggie learned that Enzo had died in the Whitmore fire of 1958 thanks to Damon. However as fans know, Enzo ended up surviving.

Bent on exacting revenge against Damon for Enzo’s death, Maggie spent two years searching for the eldest Salvatore. But instead she found Stefan. Telling Stefan her plan to kill Damon, Stefan warned her to stay away from his brother. Maggie couldn’t though. She managed to find Damon and tried to stab him with an Augustine needle – something that Damon didn’t care for. After seeing the Augustine symbol he ripped Maggie’ head from her body without a second thought. And then gently placed it back together – just like Ripper Stefan used to do.

Damon came clean to Enzo, explaining that he didn’t know that “she was your Maggie.” Shocked at the outcome, Enzo told Damon that he can’t hate him, because if he hates him he’ll have nothing left. So Enzo decided to go with another option – turn off his humanity.

Enzo takes off with Elena and snaps her neck when she tries to fight back. And he doesn’t get much further with her because Stefan shows up to fight Enzo. As the pair battle it out, Damon finds Elena and brings her safely back to her dorm room. But what Damon doesn’t know is that while he was helping Elena, Enzo had one last act of revenge. Forcing Stefan to rip his heart out, Enzo told the youngest Salvatore to “have fun sorting this out with your brother.” However Stefan doesn’t plan on sorting things out with Damon. Instead he decides to sweep the situation under the rug, telling Damon that Enzo ran off instead of the truth.

Meanwhile Jeremy and Matt discovered that Tyler went AWOL …along with the handy dandy Traveler knife. So, where in the world is Tyler? Chained up by the Travelers in a new warehouse.

The Travelers want to break the witches curse, and in order to do so they must have enough power to undo witches magic. With a Traveler named Julian possessing Tyler’s body, Markos uses Tyler’s hybrid blood to sacrifice Sloan. When Sloan wakes up a vampire, Markos uses the blood of the final two doppelgangers to undo the magic. After drinking the blood, the magic of the doppelganger blood reverted her back to human form … but more specifically to her final human state.

Markos’ plan is to get rid of the magic in Mystic Falls. And any vampire left in the town when that happens will be dead … for real.

But that’s not the only issue. Markos’ escape the Other Side is continuing to cause chaos for the dead. If the Other Side goes down, then Bonnie dies. But something is already wrong because despite Enzo passing through Bonnie, he’s still “in town” haunting Damon and Stefan.