“The Vampire Diaries” is adding some diversity to the second half of season 5. While fans wait patiently for the winter hiatus to end, they can find comfort in the fact that they’ll be meeting a handsome, new Whitmore student when the series returns, Luke.

According to E! Online, the new student will be spending some time with Caroline. But don’t jump to conclusions about Luke becoming the blonde vampire’s new love interest. The site teases that “handsome and sarcastic” Luke is gay -- a first for “The Vampire Diaries!”

No word on whether Luke will be interacting with Elena, Damon or Stefan,  but we do know that he also has a sister on campus. E! Online reports that the brotherly love runs deep in Luke because “he will do (or sacrifice) anything to protect” her. Fingers crossed we’re not talking human or vampire sacrifices.

As for Caroline? While Luke might become a good friend, the vampire will remain unlucky in love for now.

“That’s a joke in the 100th episode,” executive producer Caroline Dries explained to TV Line. “When it comes out about Stefan and Katherine sleeping together, Caroline’s like, ‘What?! Why the heck an I the only one not getting any?’ Hopefully, we’ll find her somebody new.”

The CW series is following on the heels of its spinoff, “The Originals,” which introduced a gay character named Josh early on in its freshman season. A tourist visiting New Orleans, Josh had the misfortune of being at the wrong club at the wrong time and ended up becoming one of Marcel’s night walker vampires. As if things couldn’t get any worse for Josh, he was also compelled by Klaus to work as a double agent.

Since Luke means “light” we’re pulling for the new character to be a good guy (and hopefully not stir up any trouble with Damon and Stefan). “Vampire Diaries” can reportedly catch Luke’s first appearance in episode 16 of season 5.

What do you think Luke and his sister will be up to? Do you want Caroline to get a new love interest? Let us know your thoughts on the upcoming “Vampire Diaries” drama in the comments section or send a tweet to @AmandaTVScoop. “The Vampire Diaries” returns to the CW with new episodes on Thursday, Jan. 23.