A weekend getaway at a haunted cabin … what could go wrong? Episode 20 of “The Vampire Diaries” revealed that A LOT could go wrong – especially when it involves ex-boyfriends and jealous friends.

“What Lies Beneath” kicked off with Tyler escaping from the Travelers while in werewolf form, and Damon using Luke’s magic to search for Enzo. When the hybrid showed up at the Salvatore mansion the focus on Enzo got cast aside as the gang discovered the Travelers deadly plan for supernatural beings in Mystic Falls.

Fortunately Damon has a good plan for keeping the doppelgangers out of Markos’ hands – A convenient witchy spell courtesy of Luke. Heading to Caroline’s father’s old cabin in the woods, Luke blocks the Traveler magic in order to keep them safe. But unfortunately they have an unknown source at hand attempting to sabotage their safety … Enzo!

Thanks to the disintegration of The Other Side, the dead can now make physical contact with the real world. And while it was innocent enough was Grams did it with Bonnie, Enzo doesn’t have great intentions.

Besides ghostly Enzo haunting them, Elena and Stefan are struggling to keep his death a secret from Damon and Caroline. But Damon and Caroline know something is up. However while Damon suspects that it has something to do with Enzo, Caroline believes that Elena and Stefan are hooking up again. And in a surprising revelation, she’s not happy about it! Hatching up a game to get to the bottom of Stefan and Elena’s secret, the foursome begins to drink and play “Never Have I Ever.”

“Never have I ever kissed a Salvatore brother,” Caroline says to Elena. And when the doppelganger smiles and goes to take a drink, Caroline interrupts and ads: “today.”

Although she’s shocked that Caroline would think that she would kiss Stefan, Elena stays quiet. But things only get more awkward when Damon continues the game by adding on “Never have I ever lied about where Enzo is.”

Tired of lying and the accusations, Elena leaves the group to take a bath. But as she soaks in the water ghost Enzo attacks her, shoving her head under. Fortunately Damon rescues her – however she’s forced to come clean about Enzo.

Now that everyone is on the same page about Enzo, they can figure out what he wants. And unfortunately it’s not good. Turns out that Elena’s drowning was only a distraction … so that Enzo could figure out a way to kill them all.

So, what did Enzo come up with? He kidnapped Luke, the witch protecting them all from Markos and the travelers.

The guys and girls split up to find Luke and have a heart-to-heart. For Elena that means apologizing to Caroline for lying to her. Stefan on the other hand has it a little harder. He’s forced to reveal to Damon that he didn’t tell him about Enzo’s death because he was afraid he would hate him.

The Salvatore brothers don’t have a chance to finish their chat though because they discover Luke in a barn … and Enzo sets it on fire, locking them in. As they try to escape, Enzo uses bits and pieces of woods to stab them. And while the situation looks grim, Damon is able to get Enzo to snap out of it. He promises his friend that he’ll find a way to bring him back, because if he keeps up his ghostly act, he’ll end up disappearing from existence thanks to the crumbling Other Side. Despite shutting off his humanity switch, Enzo doesn’t want to disappear. Letting go of Stefan and Damon, he lets them take Luke to freedom … after telling Damon to not let him down again.

Meanwhile back in Mystic Falls, Jeremy and Bonnie are having a much needed date night. But in usual fashion, some supernatural problems keep them from enjoying themselves. With Tyler free from the Travelers grasp, Bonnie and Jeremy must join forces with Matt in order to extract some answers from the passenger inside him. And in order to do so they have to resort to some anti-Tyler friendly measures ... like a painful wolfsbane and vervain concoction.

Luring out Julian, the passenger initially refuses to talk. But after some slight torture, he explains that he doesn’t know where Markos is. However he does have some information they want – like the fact that the Travelers will use magic to permanently place Julian inside Tyler’s body.

In order to save Tyler, Bonnie and Jeremy must find Julian’s body before the Travelers do. And while they discover where the Travelers are keeping the passengers, it’s too late. A group of them swarms in and uses magic to take Julian’s body and begin the permanent spell. When they return to Tyler the hybrid begins to have flashbacks of Julian in his body … and shortly after, Julian wakes inside him.

The Travelers don’t waste all their time on Tyler/ Julian though. With Luke’s shield down they use their magic to find Elena and Stefan in the woods.

The gang is desperately trying to flee the woods before their location is discovered, but a couple of key conversations stall them.

Caroline confides in Stefan that he hurt her feelings by trusting Elena more than her. But in a sweet and tender moment, Stefan tells her that he didn’t want her to know that he killed Enzo because he knew she had a “weird little chemistry thing going on” with him and that he didn’t want her to think any less of him.

If that wasn’t shocking enough, Damon grabs Elena and kisses her. When Elena asks why he did it, Damon tells her that he had a really crappy day and needed it. But unfortunately the romantic moment between them doesn’t last – because the Travelers arrive and Markos grabs Elena.

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