“Vampire Diaries” Season 6, episode 13 seriously scared fans during Bonnie’s (Kat Graham) birthday. It seemed her life was in danger again. Elena (Nina Dobrev) was determined to celebrate Bonnie’s birthday, even though she was still trapped. However, Bonnie had very different plans. She wanted to kill herself on her birthday, and her friends had to find a way to stop her.

The drama started when Kai (Chris Wood) visited to ask a favor. He wanted to send a letter to Jo (Jodi Lyn O’Keefe), but Elena and Damon (Ian Somerhalder) didn’t understand why. Kai revealed that he felt guilty. After absorbing Luke’s (Chris Brochu) traits in the merge, Kai's feelings changed and he even cried. He decided he had to send her a letter to tell his twin how he felt (because the internet told him that was how normal people processed feelings). Elena took it as an opportunity to strike a deal.

Damon actually guilted Kai into fixing the ascendant so they could send a message. They needed to tell Bonnie where to find some major magic. Conveniently, Damon remembered Qetsiyah’s blood on Silas’ headstone in Nova Scotia from “The Vampire Diaries” Season 5, which he had marked in an atlas in 1994. They just had to show her the map.

Kai got Damon, Elena and Jeremy (Steven R. McQueen) to the other side, but they couldn’t talk to Bonnie or touch anything. They were like ghosts and Bonnie didn’t know they were there. They could only observe Bonnie eating cake and drinking the oldest bottle of bourbon in the Salvatore house. “We made a pact that when we couldn’t take one more day here, we’d kill that entire bottle -- and then we’d kill ourselves,” Damon explained.

The magic took too much out of Kai and everyone was pulled out. They needed to go back though. They had to save Bonnie, but Kai said he couldn’t send everyone back. Jeremy volunteered to be the only one sent on the mission. Kai’s magic worked for a minute, but they couldn’t get the atlas to Bonnie. Kai had to pull them out after Liv (Penelope Mitchell) stabbed him.

Liv wasn’t doing too well after the death of her twin brother. Tyler (Michael Trevino) wanted to go on the run with Liv because he thought Kai would be after her. The witch explained that she couldn’t hide, and she didn’t know what to do without her brother. Tyler said he would help her do anything, but he might regret that. “I want to kill Kai,” Liv said.

Liv used a spell to see through Luke’s eyes to find Kai. Once she saw he was at the Salvatore house, she was determined to hunt him down. Tyler thought she would just get hurt, so he tried to stop her. Liv wasn’t going to be stopped though. She used a spell to knock out her boyfriend.

Liv and Kai fought and Kai threatened to light her on fire. Kai’s newfound emotions meant that he couldn’t do it, and Liv had enough time to throw a fork in her brother’s chest. Jeremy fought back and injured Liv. He had Kai send him back to 1994, even though Kai said he was “half dead.”

They watched Bonnie cry as she drank the bourbon. Jeremy followed her to the garage as she closed the garage door and turned on the car. She recorded a message on the video camera. “I miss saying hi to strangers, ordering dinner at a restaurant, laughing with my friends. … It’s the loneliness. I can’t take it, and I only know one way to turn it off. Jeremy, I hope you’re living your life with no regrets,” she said.

She took the time to reflect on her family too. “‘Stay strong,’ that’s what my Grams said. Stay strong,” Bonnie said. She suddenly didn’t want to die. She tried to get up and turn the engine off, but she couldn’t. At the last second, Jeremy was corporeal long enough to open the garage door. She was safe, and so were Jeremy and Kai. Damon fed Kai his blood in time to save them both.

Afterwards, Jeremy admitted that he understood why Bonnie wanted to kill herself. He felt trapped too. Elena told him to go to art school and leave Mystic Falls for good. “Bonnie decided to save herself, and from what you told me, I think she wants you to do the same,” Elena said.

After telling her brother to let go of the past, she realized that she and Damon had to let go of their past. While Kai was sending Jeremy back, Damon and Elena talked about their relationship. Elena wondered if they’d still be together if she was human. Still, Elena questioned if Damon thought they’d be together if she was still human. Damon told her that if she was human, she’d still be with Stefan.

Elena realized that didn’t matter though. The human version of her was long gone, and she couldn’t wonder about a different past. “I’ve made some huge mistakes in my life. Being with you isn’t one of them,” Elena said.

She told Damon to stop living in the past, and then they had sex. Delena fans didn’t see the scene, but they did see a super cute cuddling scene afterwards where Elena wrapped Damon’s arm around herself.

Bonnie also got a happy ending this week. She wasn’t just saved. She noticed the atlas knocked off the table. “Damon you’re a genius,” she said as she got in the car for a road trip.

Unfortunately, not everyone ended on a good note. Tyler broke up with Liv after she went to the Salvatore house. Caroline (Candice Accola) was still dealing with her mother’s terminal illness. She decided that she would find the bear she stole from Bonnie when she was a kid. It was the only thing that gave her a sense of control, so Stefan (Paul Wesley) stayed with her as she went through her weird coping method.

Stefan probably should’ve been keeping an eye on his niece, Sarah (Tristin Mays). Enzo (Michael Malarkey) forced Matt (Zach Roerig) to help him with Sarah. He threatened to kill Matt’s mother, the only family member Matt has left. After a failed attempt to hit on her, Matt pretended that he was ditched with no coat or money. As a good person, Sarah just had to take him in. Enzo wanted to see how good she was before he turned her bad. He planned to make her turn to the dark side and want to be a vampire.

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