There is always a problem on “The Vampire Diaries.” Although the Mystic Falls crew was able to subdue psychopath Kai (Chris Wood), they encountered a new issue thanks to Caroline’s (Candice Accola) decision to play god in episode 11.

Fans of the hit CW series will remember that Caroline took a risk last week when she fed a cancer patient named Colin (Drew Stephenson) her blood. Her goal was to cure him, but unfortunately that plan backfired. Viewers discovered in episode 12, “Prayer For The Dying,” that Caroline’s blood killed him, turned him into a vampire … and didn’t heal him. Colin became a stage 10 cancer victim, and thanks to being a vampire, felt the pain that much worse. To further complicate the situation, Caroline gave blood to her mom, Sheriff Forbes (Marguerite MacIntyre).

It goes without saying that Caroline was devastated, but Jo (Jodi Lyn O’Keefe) wasn’t ready to give up on Sheriff Forbes. Although she couldn’t cure her magically, Jo thought that a full blood transfusion could potentially cleanse Caroline’s mom of the vampire blood. It was a risky plan … that failed.

Caroline took the news hard, especially when she discovered that Colin was trying to kill himself to end the misery. He begged for Caroline and Stefan (Paul Wesley) to kill him, but Damon (Ian Somerhalder) did it for them.

Elsewhere, Liv (Penelope Mitchell) was enjoying her last few days of freedom with Tyler (Michael Trevino). Unfortunately reality knocked on the door in the form of her dad, Joshua (Christopher Cousins). Papa Witch was there to celebrate Liv and Luke’s (Chris Brochu) 22nd birthday, the day of their merge.

Luke and Liv agreed to convince their dad that Jo was strong enough to merge with Kai. But he knew better than to believe them. Despite their pleas, Papa Witch was dead set on his children merging … and a phone call from Damon further pushed him to do the merge himself.

In a dangerous twist, Damon figured out that he could use Kai to siphon the magic out of Sheriff Forbes. He called Papa Witch and told him to merge the twins because Kai was on the loose and going to go after Jo. Kai took the magic out of Sheriff Forbes and her heart failed right after. But Kai didn’t stick around to help out. He went after Jo and his twin agreed to stop running and finally go through with the spell.

Jo was in the middle of the magic while her father was trying to merge Luke and Liv. Tyler stopped Papa Witch before he could complete the ritual, and Luke hatched a new plan that could potentially save them all. He went after Kai and stopped Jo from merging with him. Instead, he offered himself to Kai.

Kai tried to run off, but Luke challenged him to the merge. The pair completed it and collapsed afterwards. Whoever woke up would be the winner. Luke opened his eyes, seemingly beating Kai. However Papa Witch knew that Luke lost.

“What has your brother done?” he questioned Liv. “Luke is gone. I feel it. He merged with Kai. Kai won … we have to run, Olivia.”

Unfortunately it was true. Luke died in Jo’s arms and Kai woke up. “I always win,” he told Damon and Jo before disappearing.

Although Luke was dead, Sheriff Forbes pulled through. She flatlined and a doctor failed to resuscitate, however she somehow managed to wake up after a dream-like state.

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