Last week brought the final episode of Season 6 of the CW network's "The Vampire Diaries." With it came a heartbreaking goodbye to Elena Gilbert, the character played by Nina Dobrev, who has left the series after six years. Fans of the teen vampire drama are now curious to see how the story will progress in Season 7.

In an article posted last Friday, MTV has compiled a few Season 7 plot possibilities. They include Damon and Bonnie having a more developed friendship, Matt Donovan taking up a badge to become the town’s new sheriff, and a potential Alaric and Jeremy reunion.

What also will be interesting in Season 7 is Stefan and Caroline’s budding romance, given Stefan’s confession in the Season 6 finale last week. Their relationship is expected to be the heart and soul of Season 7, which will be filled with external conflicts working against them. Caroline will also need to work through internal issues to help her figure out if she and Stefan have a real chance to be together.

In an interview with E! News last week, "The Vampire Diaries" executive producer Caroline Dries also shared that the main conflict for Season 7 will be the Salvatore brothers versus Lily Salvatore and her adopted family of heretics.

Many unanswered questions remain after the Season 6 finale. But Season 7 is gearing up to be as captivating and exciting as previous seasons.

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