After creating the episodic game series “Life is Strange” for publisher Square Enix, game developer Dontnod Entertainment has unveiled a new project called “Vampyr” for Sony's PlayStation 4, Microsoft's Xbox One and the PC. The game was initially announced in January, but now Dontnod and publisher Focus Home Interactive have released a teaser trailer, as well as some details about the role-playing game (RPG).

“Vampyr” will be set in the early 20th century, sometime after the end of World War I, where London is suffering from the effects of the conflict. Players will take on the role of Jonathan E. Reid, a former military surgeon who has turned into a vampire -- or vampyr, as it was formerly spelled in England.

If the teaser trailer below is any indication, it appears that London has gone to hell and Reid can’t seem to take it anymore. So he decides to use his eternal thirst for blood and punish those who deserve it. Apparently, players will have to be careful, as a report from Game Debate has stated that anyone who dies will be gone forever, leading to some major consequences for the story as the game goes on.

This being an RPG, Reid will be able to take on some quests and missions while on his bloody crusade. Eventually, players will have to decide on whom Reid will feed, as the character must drink blood to survive.

According to GameSpot, all denizens of London are ripe to be victims of Reid, who has a variety of ways to lure them to their doom. Players can seduce them before delivering a killing blow, or even lead them to a dark alley and simply feast on them.

The RPG won’t be available until 2017, so fans interested in vampires or role-playing games will have to wait a while.

VAMPYR Trailer (PS4/Xbox One) 2017 (Credit: YouTube/GameNewsOfficial)