Syfy’s new series, “Van Helsing,” premiered a suspense-drive episode 3 last week in which the hospital’s power went out. As a result of a scuffle, one of the survivors living in the hospital knocked down a wind turbine, forcing Vanessa and marine Axel to start a generator that was located away from the hospital. So, what will happen in episode 4?

Vanessa (Kelly Overton) is still concerned about her daughter Dylan. Although Axel (Johnathan Scarfe) told her that she is most probably dead, the vampire hunter doesn’t seem to be convinced that she died. According to the official synopsis of Season 1, episode 4 of “Van Helsing,” Vanessa will search for her daughter in a world dominated by vampires. But she won’t be doing it alone.

Mohammed (Trezzo Mahoro), the African American boy who translates everything the mute Sam (Christopher Heyerdahl) says, will accompany Vanessa in the vampire-controlled streets of Seattle in order to search for her daughter. After all, if she didn’t turn into a bloodsucker, there is a chance Dylan inherited her gift and hasn’t turned, right?

Meanwhile, at the hospital, “Van Helsing” viewers will finally get to see Doc (Rukiya Bernard) as a human in the present. Last week, Vanessa bit the vampire version of Doc and transformed her back into a human.

Doc’s skills will be useful in Season 1, episode 4 when one of the survivors living at the hospital named Cynthia is found dead. At first, it looks like a plain suicide but Doc examines her body and realizes that she was actually murdered. Is there a killer hiding in the group?

On the way back to the hospital after searching for her daughter, Vanessa gets captured by vampires. Meanwhile, Mohammed leads of new group of ragtag survivors to the hospital.

A sneak peek video of “Van Helsing” Season 1, episode 4 (which you can watch above) shows ancient vampire Rebecca (Laura Mennell) having sex with a human. She later drinks his blood and realizes someone was watching her from the vent.

Watch “Van Helsing” episode 4 on Friday, Oct. 7 at 10 p.m. EDT on Syfy.