The auto industry faces a cap on carbon dioxide emissions from vans in the European Union from July 2013 or fines for each vehicle that fails to comply, a draft EU document shows.

The European Commission's new proposals -- due out in October -- look set to mirror last year's clampdown on cars, which was successfully challenged by the powerful auto industry, resulting in a range of concessions and weaker fines.

Van makers face fines of 120 euros ($175) per vehicle if they fail to meet the targets, the draft document, obtained by Reuters, showed. Those that miss by less than 3 grams will receive softer penalties.

Carbon dioxide emissions from commercial vehicles of up to 2.6 tons will be capped at 175 grams from July 2013, with a long-term target of 135 grams by 2020.

But EU sources say van makers are already pushing hard for the earlier target to be phased in slowly and the later target to be weakened.

(Reporting by Pete Harrison; Editing by Dale Hudson)