Last nights, following the Vancouver Canucks crushing defeat by the Boston Bruins in the Stanley Cup finals, the city of Vancouver experienced some of the worst riots in the history of the city.

Vancouver police estimate that the riots caused at least $1 million in property damage throughout the city.

In addition, Police Chief Jim Chu said nearly 100 arrests were made on Wednesday night and more could be on the way Thursday. 

Nine officers were also injured according to Chu, including one who was hit by a brick and needed 14 stitches and another who suffered a concussion.

Local hospitals admitted nearly 150 people for treatment. 

Chu vowed that the police would bring to justice the criminals, anarchists and thugs who contributed to the riots.

Vancouver Mayor Gregor Robertson said the riots were the fault of a small number of hooligans and said, It's absolutely disgraceful and shameful and by no means represents the city of Vancouver.

Media coverage of the events showed burning cars, broken store windows, and even stabbing wounds, which were just some of the scenes that happened in Vancouver. 

The scathing images in the media have left outsiders with a bad impression on the city of Vancouver which just hosted the Winter Olympics last year. 

Bob White, who investigated a prior Stanley Cup riot, told CTV's Canada AM that more than property damage, the rioters did $1 billion worth of bad publicity for the City of Vancouver.