Boston sports fans will remember June 15, 2011 for a long time.  The Boston Bruins won Game 7 over the Vancouver Canucks 4-0.  Not since 1972 have Bruins taken home a Stanley Cup.

Boston sports fans will recall another recent championship they had to wait 86 years and a Bill Buckner error for.  On October 27, 2004, the Boston Red Sox finally broke through and won a baseball World Series.

And, as the Boston Sports Blog first reminded us, on that fateful night in October, a lunar eclipse occurred.

In fact, the eclipse was visible at Busch Stadium in St. Louis where the Red Sox beat the Cardinals in Game 4.  The moon was colored red just as it was on this night as well.

A lunar eclipse was visible throughout the world.

Good views of the lunar eclipse weren't available in Vancouver where the Bruins were playing Game 7.

In any case, hockey is generally played in an indoor rink while baseball is generally played outdoors.

Still, one has to wonder - Was this a coincidence?  Or does this have a deeper meaning?

Did tonight's lunar eclipse help the Boston Bruins win the Stanley Cup?